enamelware caddy

You know I have been busy lately. Not an excuse, just a fact. Somehow, among the many busy things I’ve been busy with, I’ve managed to do a few small projects.

Like this cute enamelware caddy.

So, what’s it made of you ask? Well, an enamel bowl, an enamel dish and a wooden salt grinder.

Yep. A salt grinder.

I sprayed the grinder black, drilled a hole into the bowl and there was a convenient hole in the top of the grinder to join them together. The bottom was glued onto the dish.

Its now a handy spot for keeping stuff. Whatever stuff you have that you have need of a spot to keep it in. A desk tidy to hold office stuff. A bathroom tidy to hold bathroom stuff. A kitchen tidy to hold kitchen stuff.

You’re limited only by your imagination (and the size of your stuff).

This is one of the items I’ll be selling at my garage sale on the Garage Sale Trail on October 22.


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