falling in love with barbie all over again

When I was a kid I had a Barbie. In fact, I had a Barbie and a Skipper. I loved my Barbie, but I wanted a newer Barbie with long hair cause mine had stiff short hair. I also wanted the bendable knee type, Skipper had bendable knees cause I got her years later.
I’m not sure what the story of my original Barbie was, but she was a very early 60s model, most likely 1962. Since I was too young for a Barbie at that age, I’m guessing someone bought her for me and I didn’t get her to play with till I was older.
Anyway, why am I discussing Barbies?
A couple of weeks ago someone posted some Barbies for sale on Facebook. I saw this one and my obsession began.

This is the Fashion Queen Barbie. Early 60s.

Needless to say I bought her!

But it got me thinking about my first (and only) Barbie. My mom gave her and all my other dolls away. No going back for me.

I began to feel nostalgic. Why is it that the older I get, the more I want stuff from my childhood?


I began to research Barbies. I learned about the different early models, the dates, the markings on their butts.

What I really wanted was to find, and buy, the same Barbie as the one I had when I was a kid. This is what I had: a blonde bubble cut Barbie.

This is more like mine looked like – stiff hair like a helmet. No fun for a young girl.
Turns out, bubble cut Barbie came in 4 colours.
While researching I stumbled upon a couple of sites for Barbie restoration. Its amazing what these people can do with Barbie hair! I mean, look at this!
How wonderful to get a bubble cut Barbie and have her hair redone to look this glamourous!
I want more Barbies now. I’m only interested in the hard plastic ones which were the earliest Barbies made. I dislike the cheaper feeling late models. Plus I think the early Barbies are just so beautiful.
I’ve already got the Fashion Queen Barbie – this is her in the brunette wig.
I still need to get my blonde bubble cut girl, but I also want a ponytail Barbie now! There are different versions of the ponytail model, some have longer ponytails. I think I want a brunette but the blondes are gorgeous too.
Love the curly fringe on these girls. They’re so fifties.
I’m no expert for sure, but I believe the earliest Barbies have the most striking eyes.
I think what I’m falling in love with all over again is the beauty of these dolls. They’re just so pretty.
Is this the beginning of a new collection? I sure hope not. I don’t think I can afford to buy a lot of these old Barbies. I want TWO more and I’m done. 
That’s my story and I”m sticking with it.
Remind me to share some photos of my other collections at some stage.

2 thoughts on “falling in love with barbie all over again

  1. On my desktop, I have a folder entitled “Stuff I Used to Have”. I don't think you're too far off when, at our age, we want to relive a more romantic notion of the time we had as kids. I have a Midge, Barbie's freckled, red-haired girlfriend. That same Christmas, my one sister got one with a bubble cut. My other sister got another type of fashion doll that came with markers so the doll's hair could be colored. Mom knitted clothes for our dolls, and I might still have one or two pieces. Now, I understand how expensive it could have been to buy many clothing sets for the three dolls. We all shared the clothes nicely, though. My aunt found some hair dryer cases without the dryers and with a mirror. We used those for our dolls and their accessories.

    So, I recently purchased a globe and the kind of roller skates I used as a kid. They were the kind that were made of metal, and there was a part that gripped onto the sole of the shoes. Of course, once I would get going really well, a grip would come loose, and I'd stumble to a stop. I've always had my skate key, though. It's tucked away somewhere around here. {When I got older, I got shoe skates and went to the rink to skate. Much smoother!} I'm going to use the globe and skates as decor on the massive bookshelves I will eventually put up after some other things are done. {I hate when a project relies on getting other things done first!}

    Take care! Fonda


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