make an easy lightbox

I’d like to share my dodgey easy lightbox. You know, for when you need to photograph something small and need to be able to do it without glare or shadows.

Well, I failed in that. But I think its the lighting rather than the box that’s to blame.

But first, lets explain the term ‘dodgey’ for those who don’t speak Australian. The Urban Dictionary defines it as:

Australian term.
1. Something or someone that is a bit suspicious, doesn’t seem quite right. Doesn’t seem the real deal.
2. Slack, broken, worthless or useless.
3. Not very appealing.
1. That car salesman seemed a bit dodgey.
2. This old car is pretty dodgey.
3. That band last night were pretty dodgey.
As you can see, dodgey is my middle name.
So, how to make your own lightbox?
Get a largish cardboard box. Cut out 3 squares – one on top and one on either side, but not the back or the bottom. Well, you could, but it’d be a waste of time.
Now the first time I did this I threw an old white sheet over the box as my light diffuser (yeah, I know technical terms!)
This time I got more professional. I cut out squares of white fabric and taped them onto the box. Real professional. I was going to use hot glue but tape was easier – ie it was there on the table next to me.
Note the overabundance of bits of tape in the picture. I used the box flaps to reinforce the sides and top, using tape to attach them. Classy.
Almost there. Get a large sheet of white paper. Glue or tape that to the top of the back, curl it where the back meets the bottom to create that no horizon look, then lay it down flat at the bottom.
Now all you need is light. 
I collected all the spare lamps I had in the house. One tall reading lamp. Two smaller lamps. Ideally you want bendable lamps you can angle at the windows, and you need them to kind of match light-wise. Strength I mean. I didn’t have matching ones. Hence the uneven lighting in my images.
Whatever. It was better than taking photos with a flash.
That’s it. Your lightbox is ready for masterpiece photos.
Mind you, you really do need a tripod for taking photos, so if you have one get it out and set it up in front of the lightbox.
Surely you can do a better job than mine, but hey, I now have a lightbox, dodgey as it is, set up in my office for every time I want to take photos.
I’d say I’ve done well,
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3 thoughts on “make an easy lightbox

  1. I love your instructions…everything from how to cook something to how to make something to how to keep the birds from nesting in every nook and cranny on the outside of your house. You just make sense!!! I have yet to make a light box. I have more boxes than I'll ever need for mailing, I always know where the scissors, tape and paper, and I now have your instructions. I don't have many lamps, but I could bring a few together. I'll get it done at some point in my life! Quit nagging! Oh, that was me! As always, thank you for the entertainment, and I still am lovin' those dolls you reworked!


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