our junky porch

Our porch is a receptacle for junk. I mean, its the natural place for it, right? You come home with  your hands full and think “I’ll just leave that here till later” and you put it on the old box Wayne uses for his boots.
Or you step out onto the porch with an armload of stuff that doesn’t belong in the house, or you no longer want in the house, and you think “I’ll just leave this here till later…”  Or forever.
See the oil stain on the decking? Well, that’s where someone sat a chainsaw when the porch was all new and shiny. I won’t mention names, but it starts with “W” and ends with “ayne”.
I’m sure that at the time he was thinking “I’ll just rest it here for a while”… which turned into weeks and a permanent stain.
But its the nice junk on our porch I want to share with you today. Like this rusty birdcage I found at a tip shop a few years ago.

The coat rack I made using big nails and recycled skirting board, with a cute little bird accent.

The rusty propeller (ok, tractor fan) light I made.

The beautiful rusty old typewriter found on the side of the road. You may recognise it as part of one my blog headers.

The old chalkboard, made from something I found once – no idea what it was. Now it hangs beside the door to the mudroom with hopeful advice.

I recycled an old mantle shelf I found in one of our sheds by putting it under the kitchen window for plants or my collection of old white vases. And rusty hooks and other rusty things. Don’t you just love this hook?

My collection of old shears and rusty scissors.

Even the unattractive electricity meter box is dressed up with two wire hearts. The white one was once a wire coathanger…

I have a collection of old galvanised buckets. This is one without holes so I’ve put a pot inside it with my tortured begonia. I’ve almost killed it at least three times.

The fish Wayne made hang on the wall. He made these out of wire and flattened corregated iron. Aren’t they great!

An old, weatherbeaten table, a very comfy cane chair and a kid size chair grouped around an old galv mop bucket bursting with succulents.

A not so old galvanised watering can is now a planter, sitting on an old school desk the sun and rain are doing their best to ruin.

I love our porch, even if it doesn’t actually have much of a comfy area to sit and relax. I just love looking over the garden and enjoying my collection of junk.

2 thoughts on “our junky porch

  1. I love your junk-y porch! Especially all of the succulents and their “pots”. Our front porch — if you want to call it that — is tiny and inset, so not much decorating I can do there. We haven't even given thought to back patio yet. We will be painting one room before the end of the year — the library {that used to be considered the dining room}. Then, we'll put up the IKEA shelves all along one wall and empty all the boxes that have been piled in the living room for the past year!!! We'll also put up pictures, have the settee upholstered, have the chandelier changed, and the list goes on from there… Best wishes, Fonda


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