more on that embarassing desk makeover

Once upon a time I decided to make a new/bigger desk for Wayne – who’s office is in the living room. I had been through two desks up till that point (three if you count the original desk in the office he never used!) and Wayne was sort of over it.

Anyway, the desk I decided to remake was one he’d had in the garage since we moved here – a big, heavy solid piece with a ruined top due to it being used to hold chainsaws. The thing with these old desks is that you have to have the legs of a Monster High doll to fit into it without banging your knees at each turn. So, I decided that since I had to replace the top, I may as well separate it into two drawer units and put an old door across as a top… cause don’t old doors make the best tops? They’re huge and the ones I had were gorgeous.

This is the first attempt at the desk… ugh. In a nutshell, it started like this…

Step one: paint it white. With chalk paint. Obviously!
Put castors on it, stencil on it, top it with a shed door. Obviously.
It didn’t look right. So repaint it. Just the drawer fronts. Chalk paint. Dark grey.

Okay… not quite right… Still wrong somehow.

Wait till Wayne’s away for a few days and sand it back, then lacquer it in gloss… hm. I like it better.

I may have left a bit too much paint on the drawers, you can see the grey, the white and even some of the stencils… I like it. Its so me.
Yes, its not my desk… I know that. But its in my living room. I have to look at it all day, so I wanted something I didn’t dislike. This blends in much better with the room divider I created so I’m happier.
Won’t Wayne be happy when he comes home and finds I’ve changed something again? 
He hates it. In fact, every time he’s going to be away for more than a day his last words to me as he waves goodbye are: “Don’t knock down any walls.”
He didn’t say I couldn’t rip up floors though… hmmm…
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3 thoughts on “more on that embarassing desk makeover

  1. I like that conversation you and Wayne had about knocking down walls!

    And about the knees of a Monster High doll!!! I know what you mean there! I need lots of space under my desk to wiggle, squirm, rotate, etc. Besides, I'm a large woman. So is Kate. What we did for a desk is we started with a smallish aluminum patio table. Then we situated a 4 x 4 x 3/4″ piece of fairly smooth plywood on top and bolted it into place. We covered the plywood with a piece of clear shower curtain liner, so if we spilled something, the wood wouldn't be ruined. Then, we covered it with an ecru table cloth. (It needs a good cleaning right now!!!) Katie has her side for her lap top, and I have my desktop on the other. The printer is between us toward the kitchen side, and the cat basket is nearer the bow window. From here, I can see what goes on in the neighborhood and the birds at the feeder.

    Desks are a funny thing. Everyone has their own preferences and needs. If something isn't right, we aren't comfortable. Sometimes we don't know what we need, but most of the time we do…roominess, our stuff within reach and a place for a cat (in our case).

    Hopefully, “poor” Wayne appreciates your efforts {as long as a wall isn't missing}.

    Take care…Fonda


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