pretty washing powder containers (and printables)


I don’t actually have a laundry. I have a washing machine in the shed, next to the hydrobath.

One day I’ll have a laundry… a pretty laundry. An actual clean room where I’ll be able to fold clothes and not worry about them getting dirtier in the laundry than when I wore them to groom dogs, paint walls or pull weeds on my knees.

Till then I try to make things prettier in little ways… like by putting labels on the jars I store my washing detergent in.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked keeping my washing detergent in the box it comes in. I use old coffee jars cause they’re nice and big and seal well to keep the detergent from clumping.

Problem is, they look boring as plain glass jars.

So I look for vintage ads or packaging I can print out to glue onto my jars. These are the newest jars.


I’d much rather look at these little babies than a box of detergent any day. It makes me smile when I put on a load to wash – and lets be frank: anything that makes you smile while doing the washing is a good thing.


So, if you want to make your own pretty washing powder jars and want to use the images I found you can right click on the pics below to save them to your computer. You’ll have to resize them to fit the jars you’re using.


Here’s a bonus image. I love it but it was the wrong shape for the jars I used, too tall and thin by the time I’d shrunk it. Great image though.


Have fun!


2 thoughts on “pretty washing powder containers (and printables)

  1. I haven’t used powdered detergent in forever! I was wondering if they made them anymore, because I can walk down the aisle, and the smell that used to overpower me and make me sick is no longer there. Did the packaging become better or are there much fewer powdered detergents? I dunno, but I can walk down that aisle now. I’ll have to pay attention next time!

    Thank you for the images. I could use those for the laundry room rather than jars. They’re really cut, except some of the words are spelled funny — with a “u”, like “coloUreds”. {snicker snicker} Thanks, Zefi!


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