not enough time to do it all?


I think I’ve always known that I might have too many interests, but it hit home last night when I watched a show on TV a friend told me I needed to see. It was about a woman who’s entertainment area was so full of ‘stuff’ no one could use it. Her ‘stuff’ had encroached in other areas of the house and was affecting her family.

The problem was that she was a crafter. She liked to do all kinds of crafts. She painted, beaded, sewed, knitted. Among other things. Everything she’d collected was stuff she thought she could use, remake, recycle, DO one day.

Now, I think I’m insulted that my friend thought I was that bad.


I have outbuildings full of stuff. My house is livable. Ok, leave my office out of it! That’s my space and I’m the only one who has to squeeze in there…

But I do see her point. Grudgingly. I think the issue is with wanting to do too much.

On the show the ‘expert’ forced the lady to pick three hobbies and get rid of everything else in order to organise (and limit) her space.

I think he missed the point. Its not about having too much stuff, its about not having enough time to do all the stuff!

I know there isn’t enough time in a lifetime to do all the things I want to do. That’s the real problem. I don’t want to give anything up, but perhaps the old saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ is true…

I think I found the answer:

Take it in turns!

Concentrate on maybe 2 things at a time then move on to something else. Maybe a week at a time, or a month. That way you give yourself a chance to do a bit of everything and finish a few things along the way.

Problem solved. Maybe. Sort of.


Enjoy the funny craft related pics I found on Pinterest.










2 thoughts on “not enough time to do it all?

  1. Oh, gosh! I love all of those sayings. If your friend was implying that you needed an intervention, I think you need to find another friend! lol Seriously, I am with you. I have all kinds of different supplies — beading/jewelry making, painting supplies, wood burning set, paper crafting, boxes to make over, microscope slides and soldering supplies, rubber stamping, sewing/quilting fabric (walk-in closet +) and other supplies, and more — and I want to use them all!!! We’re crazy if we think we will use these supplies up, so we’d better include them in our wills!

    On top of all of those supplies, I have chronic depression, and lately I feel immobilized. My craft room is a mess, so Katie and I have been working to get things in order, so if the mood strikes, we can go in there and create something. She is only teaching one class this summer, so she has quite a bit of free time. I need to take advantage of that, if I could just get out of this mood.

    Keep on creating. You know I love seeing what you do.


  2. Depression is very common. I think I’ve had issues with depression since I was a teenager. Maybe its the creative temperament, I don’t know. I do know that there are times I have no energy to do anything at all. But creating is a cure in itself. The more I make things, paint, whatever, the better I feel. I hope you can get out of the slump. Cleaning and organising is great as it can inspire you. Good luck.


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