its been four days!


I just realised its been four days since my last post. I had planned to post three days ago. Then two days ago. Then yesterday. You get the picture.

It totally illustrates my point about planning.

Anyway, I may not have posted, but I’ve been busy.

I’ve finished a few small projects which had been mouldering in the casita (aka my shed), cleaned the house (mainly cause we had visitors), taken part in a scheme to take over the world (or just created a Women’s Shed in the Derwent Valley), and discovered that one of our dogs is having continence issues.


While cleaning the house today I did the usual changing of dog bedding, something that I do on a regular basis. This time I found some wet spots, which I sniffed (as you do) cause, you know, one of the dogs could have spilled his/her tea in bed… It was pee.

Not good.

I’m thinking Montana. She’d been unwell about 3 weeks ago, waking me up multiple times through the night to let her out. Not only did the poor girlie have diarrhea, she had a urinary tract infection too. Perhaps she needs another course of antibiotics… But she normally wakes me up to go out – so maybe its not her…

That’s not a welcome thought. I mean, I brought a huge crate up to the house and set it up in the living room  (as you do) for Montana to sleep in tonight. Then I thought ‘but what if its not her? I get up and find a dry crate but a wet couch!’

So I did what any sensible person would do: I went to the supermarket in search of nappies (diapers to Americans) or pull up pants.

I stood in the aisle staring at all the baby, toddler and small (and not so small) child continence products and went ‘Whoah!’. There’s so many of them! And naturally they come in boxes of 5000.

What size diaper would a standard poodle wear? When I bred poodles I used to put undies on my girls to stop them staining everywhere when they were in season, but that was a while ago and I can’t remember what size I bought.


This is not Montana, but its a good illustration of the look I was going for.

The supermarket didn’t have undies, but they have lots of choice in the nappy department.

After standing there looking stupid for a while I asked a nice young lady who was buying little people juice what size she thought a poodle would wear.

She was very helpful, once she figured out I wasn’t a nut. She had no idea what size I would need but she was buying a box for her son so she gave me one to try. As it happened I had a poodle in the car so I went out and tried it on. That was fun. Luckily I hadn’t parked too close to the store so no one saw me wrestling in the back seat with Romeo who thought his mom had developed some really kinky interests.

It was way too small.

I ended up buying 14-25kg nappies in a box of 30. The good news is that if one (or more) of the dogs have bed wetting issues I have plenty of nappies.

What fun I’m having!



2 thoughts on “its been four days!

  1. Animals and their elimination issues! We just euthanized another very old cat who would pee when cornered. We thought it was only when she encountered the other female, but that wasn’t true. Katie needed to pick up the old cat for some reason, and that cat peed right on the floor right in front of her. Bold! So, it was a behavior problem and not an elimination problem. When we felt the time was right, we went to the vet and found that due to her arthritis, her muscles in her back legs weren’t right. She just wasn’t having a good time, and we are true believers of quality of life over quantity. We did what was best for her and sent her to the rainbow bridge where hopefully she met up with her other siblings. We euthanized 4 cats (all of the old ones) in the matter of 1.5 years. Gosh…I didn’t mean to go on. I hope you find out who is having issues, and I know that’s the hard part! We still have 4 kitties to care for! Best wishes to you. Fonda


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