a lightbulb moment


I found this brilliant old Phillips bulb at a swap meet about a year ago. I’ve never tried it to see if it works (too scared I’ll blow up the house) but I thought it’d look fantastic in the office, just LOOKING like it works.

Don’t know if you can tell, but its a bayonet fitting bulb and the strings to turn it on and off are in the actual bulb fitting itself. How cool is that?

(I only had this antique look bayonet light fitting to attach to my cloth cord and somehow I dropped the end bit so I’m sharing this with a nekkid bit over the screw on part. Please forgive me. I apologise profusely, but if you saw my office floor I think you’d excuse me just this once.)


I have a small collection of old pulleys, this rusty little one is one of my favourites. I already had a hook in the ceiling in that spot cause when the office was the guest room that’s where I hung my upcycled xray chandelier.


Right now, that means the bulb hangs above my shelf… but since I’m not actually using it as a light, that’s fine. Its purely decorative and looks great just hanging there over my finished and work in progress dolls.

Its cold here this morning. Probably not so cold for some people, but cold enough for us in southern Tasmania. It was -2.8C this morning – that’s 26F for my american friends. Everything is frosty and icy. Outside water bowls are solid ice, the lawn is crunchy and I found that if I pooperscoop early in the morning when poops are still frozen its much easier.

Poopsicles don’t smell!

On the down side, we have no water to the casita so on frozen days like this I’ll have to start grooming later in the morning – give the pipes time to thaw.

Ah the joys of farm living!


2 thoughts on “a lightbulb moment

  1. Poopsicles!!! Ha Ha No, thank you! And, I thought I got away from those frigid temperatures when we moved to North Carolina from Ohio. Not necessarily so. We do get really cold at times. I can stay inside, put on the heat and have a little heater right on me when that happens. Stay warm!


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