DIY pendant light

What do a deep fry basket, an old xray and some crystals have in common?

They’re hanging in my guest room!

When I found a deep fry basket at the tip shop I just had to have it. It was clean and shiny and, being part magpie, I collected it for my nest. I knew it’d be perfect for something.

I don’t have a ‘before’ photo. And no step by step photos either. Sorry.

I removed the handle and thought about it. I’d been to an art from junk show last year and someone had used xrays to make a lightbox.

I have xrays. Tons of them at the bottom of a suitcase… I have no idea why I hold onto them. Maybe future generations will be interested in my fractures.

I cut the xrays into strips narrow enough to thread through the wire and put weaved them through the basket.
I had to order chandelier cyrstals online (thanks ebay) and waited for them to arrive.
I also orderd the three-cord twisted black cloth wrapped electrical cord. Ok. I know that sentence doesn’t sound right, but live with it.

I searched for black fittings, a black plug, a black switch and a black light globe holder thingy. (You don’t have to know what its called to use it!). I found the plug and the switch but the light thingy was hard to find.

Hello black spray paint.

I then climbed on a ladder, put a hook in the ceiling of the guest room, and hung it. No hanging off this chandelier as the ceiling will cave in.

I brought the ladder from the spare room in Fentonbury to use in here as a bedside on one side, the suitcases on the other.

The room still needs painting and the bedding needs to be sorted. However, I like how its coming along so I feel progress is being made, even in baby steps.


PS. This project was linked to Beyond the Picket Fence’s Under $100. Visit the link below for ideas you can recreate which will cost under $100.

Beyond The Picket Fence

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