The local market


Turns out I’m not spending enough time sitting in cafes to use their free wifi and as a result I’ve used up most of the data allowance on my greek SIM card in two days. 1GB in two days and all I did was check FB, messenger, write a post and reply to emails. I looked at data usage… turns out Google Playstore runs in the background constantly and its usage was off the charts.

So, for now I’m trying to (being forced to) not be online till I have access to wifi otherwise this will get very expensive.


I’ve been busy and in some ways I’m already feeling like I’m getting used to Athens. After all, I did live here for 14 years solidly, then twice for one year each time, even if I’ve avoided it like the plague since then.

I worry about myself actually…


Its not the same Athens I knew however. Crime is incredible now. Friends and relatives have been robbed, some more than once, and now most houses I know are locked up more securely than the most bank vaults. I have to use a key to get out of the house. I don’t just mean the front door… I mean the gate to the tiny space that passes as a front garden downstairs. My aunt, who lives on the ground floor here, has become the gate keeper and I’m getting too old to climb fences.


Not that I wouldn’t try if I had to, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that. A broken bone wouldn’t look good with my bathing suit. Ok, a bathing suit won’t be improved with a cast, its going to be bad enough exposing my pasty flesh as it is…

So, what have I done since I last posted? I’ve caught up with some cousins and a few friends. Once I went to school with in 4th grade. I feel so old…


I’ve had a souvlaki and found I couldn’t finish it. Interesting. I remember them being smaller…

I went to the local market. That was great fun. Growing up here there was a market every Thursday and it was basically a farmers market with some homeware stalls. You know, doily type tablecloths, colanders, rugs, etc. Cheap stuff. Back then it ran for the length of a street parallel to the main road through our suburb, from the ‘town center’.
Its now fanned out from that one road like an octupus, encompassing many more neighbourhoods. Mom said it comes almost as far up as our house now. That’s 3 bus stops up the main road. Needless to say I didn’t explore that far. I was only there looking for some lightweight, cool (need I even say sleeveless) tops so I wouldn’t feel like I’m dressed for winter.


Naturally you can buy almost anything there now – and every stall has canopies over it and they even put tarps over the middle of the road so the entire market is now covered. It was amazing! I loved it.


What on earth was I thinking when I packed? Seriously. Its not like this is my first trip here! I packed 4 pretty blouses I’d bought for my trip – all with ¾ to full sleeves and none of them particularly lightweight. Cotton, but wow…

At the last minute I added a black tshirt cause, well… you always need one of those, and after all, I’ll need something to sleep in, and the only lightweight cheesecloth type of fabric top I had which I brought along to throw over my bathing suit. Demis Rousos would feel comfortable in it. And yes, it has three quarter sleeves. But its light. I’m living in it.

At least now I have choices!


On the plus side, I brought two demin pants with me, one just under the knee short one and one capri. I hadn’t worn either of those for years… they fit! Woohoo.
We’ll discuss the fear of flab at another time as I discover that my body has been one size (round) for too long to suddenly find it has curves that aren’t all convex… I dread learning just how elastic my skin is…

But that’s another subject for another time… hopefully one I’ll avoid facing… I wonder if swimming will help tone…

Anyway, lets not dwell…


I’ll be in Athens till next Wednesday, that’s another 5 days and I’m already feeling like I wont have time to catch up with everyone I’d like to, let alone should. Am I being selfish when I think that ‘hey, I made the effort to come from the other side of the world and I’m only in the city for 10 days (that’s way more than usual)… I know you work but, hey, make an effort to see ME somewhere I can get to easily. Don’t expect me to find my way around a city I haven’t lived in for over 20 years.’

Perhaps I’m just a lazy bitch. I can live with that.

The market was great and tonight my favourite ex-boyfriend (the one I left behind when I decided to move back to Australia many years ago and the one I felt I really grew up with) is going to take me to Plaka in the oldest part of Athens to revisit our haunts and the site of the old Mad Club where we spent so much of our misspent youth. Back when we were punks. I’m very excited about that! I don’t even want to think about how long its been since I was down there…

Things are good right and I’ve even stopped clenching my jaw in my sleep!


2 thoughts on “The local market

  1. It’s good to hear you are enjoying yourself!
    Thanks for the tour of the market! I live in a smallish town here and I miss the markets of my former big city.
    I do wish I could travel more.


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