the oldest parts of athens



Crumbling old building in Plaka.

Last night was a trip down memory lane with my old boyfriend, aka Petro the Punk. I met Petro at an alternative night club in Athens called The Mad Club and we spent most of 3 years going there to listen to music and pogo all over the dance floor.

I met Petro at Syntagma Square and we walked through the oldest parts of Athens, undoubtedly the best parts. First to Monastiraki where we had a souvlaki at Thanasis, apparently the best souvlaki joint in Athens, and from there on to Plaka where the Mad used to be.


Monastiraki at night with the Acropolis in the  background.

Its still there of course, a very old crumbling now, now an art studio for a couple of artists. We went in and it was amazing how small the place was, the dance floor was still there, the DJ booth, the bar.


The old Mad Club.

What was even more amazing was that its located right at the feet of Acropolis. I spent three years going there at least one night a week and I never noticed the ruins on one side of the street or the Acropolis above. My goodness did we laugh at that… we just didn’t care. It was THERE, you know, nothing special, taken for granted and not worth noticing. Amazing huh?


We had a great night, we just walked and talked, around the base of the Acropolis, past the ancient theatre at the base, going back to Syntagma Square where we sat down for a few minutes to have an ice cream.

A few minutes during which Petro’s bag was stolen!!!

We sat alone on a bench next to the stage where they’re having a gay pride festival, and chatted, no one around us, and yet someone managed to go past unnoticed and take his backpack! Unbelievable. And he lives here, he’s aware of things like that. I’d had the fear of God put in my by my aunts and I had my bag slung messenger bag style around my neck and shoulder and had my hand on it the entire time. I’d even check my wallet was still in there every now and then.


Kinda puts a damper on a great evening.

I took some photos but it was night time. Not the best but they’ll do. I didn’t bring a camera on this trip. Firstly cause my camera is big and heavy and I frankly have no desire to lug it all over the countryside, and secondly cause both the tablet and phone have decent cameras these days. I figured I’ll be taking the phone, tablet and kindle with me pretty much everytime I go out… that’s enough to carry!

Before I go, here’s a little joke my brother shared, from one of his favourite greek stand up comedians.

“People complain about the smog in Athens. Smog is no problem for me. In fact I like it. I like to see what I’m breathing!”


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