the final countdown…

Well, its the home stretch now. I’m ready to go. One more night at home and my last night in Tasmania. Perhaps forever. I don’t know if I will ever be back.

The house is bare but for the very few basics I need till tomorrow.

The purchasers from hell came through for a final inspection before settlement yesterday and they made demands. Why am I not surprised?

They complained about a broken window in the shed, claiming it wasn’t broken when they looked through. We didn’t break any windows since we moved in but I’d really like to know how they could tell if a window was broken since the shed was stacked so high with all my junk.

They complained about the grass being long. They had the option to buy the ride on and didn’t want it. So I sold it. I mowed the lawn 2 weeks ago. In fact the guy who bought it had to wait for me to finish so he could take it. But they also complained about the grass in the paddocks being too long!!!

Sheesh. Do these city dwellers have a rude awakening coming their way when they move here. Grass grows. And when it doesn’t you have a problem.

They wanted to know what we were doing about the tree that fell across the driveway. Um… nothing. We moved it out of the way. Thats all we needed to do. Its firewood people. Firewood.

And they complained about the stuff left in the paddock, which was Waynes department to clean up. I believed him when he told me that area was cleared out. Seriously, I made sure everything else was gone or cleaned up. That was his job.

Now apparently they can hold up settement till they at least get assurance in writing that we will take care of it.

And last but not least by any means… they demanded I vacuum inside the air conditioner cause the filter was covered in dust.


Soon they will no longer be my problem. Soon they will no longer be my problem. Just keep repeating that…

So how am I feeling? Tired. Sore. Busy. Alternately depressed and excited. But the excitement has been dampened lately by the reality of this move. And having to rehome my dogs being the next big thing i need to take care of.

I try not to think about any of it too much. The friends I’ll miss. The dogs. Those things make me want to cry. Instead I concentrate on what needs to be done now. And what needs to be done next.

Baby steps as Bob said.

Its not like I don’t still have a ton to sort and do and figure out and organise and just get through.

This is the biggest move I’ve ever made in my life. And I’ve moved back and forth from Greece a few times, I moved from Canberra to Melbourne on my own, from Melbourne to Tasmania on my own, not knowing a soul in either place, and now I’m moving back to a country I have lived in, where I have tons of family. Still, for some reason this move feels bigger than any other.

Maybe its cause I’m not just going back home, to live in the family home but instead planning to buy my place (if I can afford to!!) and live on Paros where I’ve only ever spent summers before…

But Paros is in my heart. I feel more for that island than anywhere in the world. Its hard to explain.

I love Australia. I chose Australia as my forever home more than once in my life. I really dislike Athens. I don’t want to live in Athens. I hated Greece and Athens for half my life – because I was taken away from the only life I knew in Griffith, a small country town in NSW, and taken to live in Athens when I was 10.

At that age I was convinced I’d never see my friends or cousins again. Ever. After all, we never saw anyone from Greece.

I went from country town living to city living and I hated everything about it. Except Paros.

Paros was where we spent our summers and it was all sun and sea and places to explore. Sure, they were holidays and everyone loves holidays, but Paros is under my skin. I feel such a strong pull to it. And its been getting stronger every time I visit. Not to mention that I have longed to be there in winter for a very long time!

Greece IS Paros to me.

So despite my fears and the odd panic, I know I’ll love it and be happy there. I know I’ll manage and find work cause I’m resourceful and have the energy to do anything.

I just need to keep reminding myself of that and concentrate on the positives.


2 thoughts on “the final countdown…

  1. Hi Zefi, you be fine. You are very strong person and lovely at that. I sure your children will be well cared for. Thinking of you when that time to part comes💕. Keep us posted. Take care love from Aggie, Leon and Catherine xxx❤️


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