Sleep… sleep….

This is not my bed… but man… I wish it was.

Still, I’m in love with the bed I’m currently sleeping in at my friend’s house. Its a big old cast iron and brass bed, very romantic and oh so comfy…

But its not the bed itself I’m in love with. Not really. I’m in love with sleep right now. Not hard to understand really. I’ve been going flat out since I returned to Australia from Greece in June.

First it was working flat out to groom all the dogs I had put off while I was away. Then it was the beginning of the move to Greece – all the sorting, the selling, the packing, the complete wrapping up on one life to start another.

Not only was that physically exhausting, it was mentally and emotionally draining. No wonder I can’t seem to get enough rest right now.

Hopefully I’m on the mend now though as I was able to stay up till midnight last night and sleep till 10.30am instead of falling asleep over my dinner, waking up at 6.30am and needing a nap in the middle of the day.

I unloaded the car (mostly) in installments as even the smallest effort wore me out. Now I’ve cluttered up my friend’s house with all the odds and ends of my life… still so much considering all I sold and gave away!

I have all this stuff to sort through and a million poodle items to list on ebay. I’m still at that place where I look at what I have to do and am overwhelmed by the enormity of the task… even though the biggest is finally over.

I still have to sort out homes for my dogs. I had lined up potential homes but as with so many things, people change their minds so now I have to start over.

That’s the hardest part of this whole adventure for me. In fact I try not to think about it at all if I can help it, I seem callous at times, discussing it like I’m taking it in stride, but trust me… I’m broken up over it. I just need to keep it objective or I will cry. My dogs are my family. Both of the were born in my bedroom. They are the biggest part of my life. Leaving them behind is the hardest thing I will ever do.

Today I plan to find a local gym I can visit while I’m here so that should help me get back my energy and a more positive outlook in general. Nothing like a workout to help you out of a dark mood.

So, no more wasting time… up and at em girl. Get a move on…

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