old school friends and some real music

You know what the real problem is with Greece?

Greek music.

Ok. And Greek TV…

Sure, not everyone is as addicted to the badly over-acted greek TV serials as the old girls are, and not everyone has to have some stupid program on ALL THE TIME with the whining greek music of the mainland.


I didn’t realise just how much I hated it till I went out with my friend from high school and she played some country music in the car on the way back. It was like coming home. It made me realise that I have no patience to sit and listen to the music the old girls like any more.


Fine. I know. Country music is whining crap to a lot of people, but its my music. That and rockabilly, rock’n’roll and rhythm and blues. And a whole lot of other genres along those lines which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But its my cup of tea and, after less than a week in Greece, I think I’ve reached my limit of greek folk music.

I’m over it.

If I never hear it again I’ll be happy.

Time to plug in the earphones and listen to some of my own music. Please. For my sanity.

There is one type of greek music I do like. It speaks to my heart like Paros does… its the music of the Cyclades islands. Its the music I grew up hearing at parties and watching mom and her brothers and sisters dance to. I love it. And I feel like dancing to it when I hear it. Balo is a wonderful flirty partner dance, very similar to rock’n’roll… wonder why I like them both…

Anyway, enough about music and bad TV.

One thing Greece does well, is cafe restaurants. Beautifully decorated, great food or sweets (not that I’m indulging in either, I have a figure to create), great atmosphere and good company. Everyone is set on taking me to as many of the popular spots in town as they can.

Last night I met a friend from high school. I hadn’t seen Christine since she brought some long haired pot heads to my party and dad hit the roof.
Its great to see friends you share history with, even if its been years since you last saw them. It was like no time had passed. For some reason the people that went to Campion (an english school in Athens) are like that. We’ve stayed in touch despite scattering around the world.

And she’s taking me to a bar on New Years Eve where they play country music! How great is that!

I really need to find a gym and work out. Its been 8 days since my last workout. I walk but thats not enough. I need the sweat and endorphins. I’m outa here. Taking the long way down to see a friend.


2 thoughts on “old school friends and some real music

    • LOL I am talking about American country music! LOL there is no greek country music, well unless you mean greek folk music from different parts of Greece. Ugh. No… I listen to BOTH kinds of music as they said in the Blues Brothers: Country AND Western. LOL
      And rockabilly, 50s R’n’R, swing, country swing… a lot as long as I can dance to it!


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