do you mind if I eat while you smoke?

Everyone smokes just about everywhere here. You go out and come home smelling like you’ve been smoked, and not in the good way. (That was a trick statement. There is no good way.)

On the positive side, you do get used to it. When I first got here I couldn’t sleep in the same room with my clothes. I had to hang them outside to air. Now I barely notice it any more. Then again, walking on windswept streets to get home might blast off the worst of it… Who knows.

So, what’s new?

Well, I have two very interesting leads on jobs. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My stuff is probably on Greek soil but in the hands of customs right now. I haven’t yet got an estimated delivery date. Or the bill. Cause you can bet there’ll be a bill even though there is nothing new in there.


I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and its progressed nicely into swollen glands, headache and the occasional chill. I’m actually impressed it took this long for my old friends cold and flu to catch up with me!

I’ve met some great people (mostly women) who I hang out with. My social life has quadrupled since I moved here. Too much really, as I’m not working. Creative work. I’m doing bits and pieces, but nothing serious. My excuse has been that my stuff isn’t here… but we all know that’s just an excuse. I can make anything from anything. I’ve just been lazy.

I had some embroidery thread, some cotton rope and I needed a basket. The solution was obvious.

I bought some paint supplies in Athens, I picked up fabric offcuts, rocks are free on the beach…

My first rock painting (this time around). An eastern quoll. Cause it was cute.

I’ve also successfully managed to avoid joining the gym for 3 weeks. Firstly it was cause I would be going back to Athens to sort out my stuff. Then I kept having chores to do. Like visiting government agencies, real estate agents, looking at houses, moving from one place to another, stopping for coffee, you get the drift.

I have a lead on a couple of possible houses. More like apartments in complexes. Its so hard to find a place which is suitable for me and my hobbies… in my price range which is pitifully low. So I’m looking at all kinds of places thinking ‘would this work for me?’

I really want my own place, to do up as I like, to work in and live in… and to get another poodle!!!! I miss my dogs…

I have somewhere to stay till I find my own place, but prices ain’t gonna go down. I can’t say the same about my funds, which dwindle weekly.

Life is so expensive here. Some stuff is two or three times more expensive than Australia.

Then other stuff is very cheap. Fresh greek bread is cheap and delicious for instance.

But internet and phones are not cheap. And the plans suck. Big time. I got a new phone with a plan and its 18 euro a month for 24 months. That sounds like a great deal, right? But… I only get 1.2GB on my plan.

Are you for real? I used that up in week!!!

So I go to see if I can up it. No. I can only buy ‘packages’. Get this. These are the options I have:

1GB plus a gift of sms (cause they don’t go with your plan!) or 31 days for 7e

4GB for a week for 4.90e

4GB for the weekend for 2.9e

2GB for one day for 1.90e


I have been paying 18e for my contract, then adding a weekly plan, so basically I’m paying 37.60e a month. And, guess what? I can’t even do that, cause it turns out I used up my 4GB per week options for this month already.


So now I’m looking at getting a wifi connection of some sort. The house I’m at in town doesn’t have wifi (and the walls are too thick to steal from the neighbours even if I had their passwords!). It also doesn’t have a phone line. I’d need a wireless modem connection. The downside is that the best deal I found so far is 35e setup fee and ‘free modem’ then 25.60e month for 24 months. I might get unlimited wifi but it would cost me 45e approx a month. Might be ok one I get a job.

And jobs here pay pretty poorly.

Anyway, I love it and am happy to be here. I know things will sort themselves out. I’ll find a home. I’ll get a job. I’ll start selling my own stuff soon as I start making it… LOL

All I gotta do is hang in there and be open to possibilities.


2 thoughts on “do you mind if I eat while you smoke?

  1. When you say e I guess you mean €?

    €37 a month is about average for say a new iPhone 8. My new 24 month plan with EE covers the iPhone unlimited calls within Europe & unlimited texts. Only 1gb allowed but hey WiFi is everywhere surely the same on Paros.

    Good luck house hunting

    W xx


    • Yes e is euro, I can’t find the proper sign on my tiny keyboard… Meanwhile, there is wifi everywhere and I take advantage of that, but I dont like being out all the time and I like to watch Netflix while I create. Hence the need for wifi at home.


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