beware of greeks bearing bills

I have learned that everything you do in Greece costs more than you think it will. I’ve had to pay customs tax on just about everything I bought or sent to myself so far.

Live and learn I guess.

I hear that I can shop from Europe as there are no taxes on stuff imported from the EU. I’ve changed my search criteria on ebay. Now lets see if its true…

Thing is, when I’m making stuff or looking for specific supplies, I always find them on ebay. They’re cheaper and I know I can find whatever I’m looking for. Looking for some stuff in Greece is a chore, not to mention sometimes impossible. Even grocery shopping sometimes entails going to 3 different shops to get what you want.

I’ll learn. Its all a huge learning curve.

One day I might manage to live here successfully.

If not, Holland is just 3 hours away by plane…

Here is an example of how things are just made difficult when they should be mind numblingly easy. The other day (feeling sick and depressed thanks to the whole government/tax system here which likes to cut you down before you stick your head up) I ordered nutella pancakes with a scoop of ice cream. The waitress was like ‘Ice cream?’

‘Yes, just a single scoop of vanilla please.’

‘Um… let me go check with the kitchen.’

hm. Like is it THAT much of a stretch?

When it came out it looked like this:

I guess a single scoop was too hard to do, but an upside down cone made sense…

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, I’ve been sick with this pesky cold/flu/chest infection. I don’t know which and to be honest I don’t feel like walking outside in the cold to visit a doctor just yet. If it doesn’t start to clear up by tomorrow I might have to bite the bullet. Last summer I got a cold which turned into pharyngitis. I had no voice for a week, much to the delight of some people…

So, while incapacitated by the cold, the cough and boredom I did a bit of work. You know how it is… When you don’t feel well you also don’t feel creative. In the odd spurt of creativity I painted on some beach stones and other stuff I’d collected on my walks.

I finished these stone/rock/marble paintings last night. Of course I need to make a gazillion more if I want to make a living out of art. LOL

Bunny, in time for easter.
Cat on a small slab of marble.
A big handful of hedgehog.
This little mouse is painted on a bit of wall that fell off an old house.
And of course the quoll I did ages ago, for size reference. The others are way bigger.

So, there you have it. All those days trapped inside with a cold and this is all I have to show for it!

That and a runny nose.


6 thoughts on “beware of greeks bearing bills

  1. I love your paintings. Your cat on a slab of marble looks like my new kitten. My kitten has a patch of black on his head with white ear tips and his eyes are white. His tail is white down from his back about 2 inches with black down to the 3/4 inch of his tail tip which is white.


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