the island is coming alive

Yesterday was Sunday and everything was quiet. Very quiet. Not much is open on a Sunday on Paros in winter. Sure, restaurants and cafes are still open, but hardly any of the stores in the main shopping street (the Agora) are.

This morning, walking through the Agora was a totally different experience!

Almost every second shop had it doors open and there were people inside working – setting up, renovating, getting ready.

The island is gearing up to open for the season. You can feel it in the air.

Which brings up an interesting subject…

As someone who always lived elsewhere, I’ve spent most of my life holidaying on Paros, only 3 years or so working here in summer. What that means is that Paros has always been a place to swim, relax, socialize, rest and get a killer tan.

Now I’m looking at living here I’ll either have a seasonal job (which means working flat out for 6-7 months of the year) or a full time job, which means I’ll be working pretty much regular 9-5, 5-6 days a weeks.

Today I interviewed for a receptionist job. I like working as a receptionist. I get to meet a ton of people and I get to be helpful. Things I enjoy. Its usually in a pleasant atmosphere (hopefully not full of smoke as it would be if I was to work as a waitress in a cafe for instance). But of course that means working 8-10 hours a day, most likely 7 days a week for 6-7 months.

OK so you tell yourself, you then have the whole winter to rest and do other things, like travel, visit friends, create. Cause you know you bloody well won’t have time in summer! In fact a lot of people who work long days like that just go home, go to sleep, get up and go out, then back to work to do it all over again.

I’m a maniac about the sea though, and my biggest nightmares have always been that I’m on Paros and I can’t get to the sea. So I’ll be swimming even if I was to knock off at 7pm. Even if it kills me.

And it all makes me think. Do I go ahead, I mean I need a job, its my first year here, I need to earn money… forget being creative. The dream can come later, once I’m more settled. So yes. I should go ahead. Get a job for now, any job. Work the hours and later I can do what I want to do.

Do I need to buy a house which will give me the space I want (need) in order to do my creative work, which will mean spending more than I currently have or want to spend… or do I compromise and buy something smaller that I can live with, live in, and not over extend myself financially? Ideally I want a 2 bedroom place with a view and space around it, the possibility of space to work as well… but will I need it? Should I compromise and live for the now and not the later?

If I’m working full time (at least during those months of the year) I won’t have time to work on my own stuff anyway… but going home to a place you love to be in, isn’t that worth the extra expense and the trouble of living in a place which needs work till you can afford to get it done?

Its a dilemma.

I really hate dilemmas.

I didn’t sleep at all last night thanks to not being able to breathe when I lay down, so I went to the clinic today and spent the better part of the morning waiting to see a doctor, having 8 holes punched in my arms in search of the one vein which would yield blood, and getting my results. My ‘cold’ has been upgraded to bronchitis. Thought not a really bad case. And my reflux is playing up for the first time in months thanks to the stress of it all.


Off to take my new meds.


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