roundabouts and driving on the wrong side

Well, I survived my first two drives in Athens. On my own. With google maps in the passenger seat.

Yes, I’ve done it before, but somehow this time it seemed like a bigger step. It had been so long. I mean I drive mom’s car on Paros when I’m on holiday, but its been years since I drove in Athens. And let me tell you, Athens is a whole different kettle of fish to Australia.

Narrow roads, people driving up and down at full speed. Cars parked on both sides and in wierd spots, odd angles, all over the road and footpaths. Traffic signals are merely a suggestion.

And the area I picked up the car from seems to have its own rules for roundabouts which defy logic. Apparently, its the only place in Greece where the people entering the roundabout have the right of way.


You heard right.

Certain words come to mind: illogical, irrational, idiotic, foolish, impractical, unreasonable, ignorant, stupid…

You enter the roundabout, then get stuck there cause no one will let you out, and the more people who enter the roundabout the more packed it becomes till in the end no one can move.

Wonder who thought that would work?

As for me, I’m getting there slowly. I still get into the car on the wrong side and reach for a steering wheel that’s not there, but I’ll get used to it. I did look like an idiot the first few times it happened though.

I’m also back to a manual car after many years with automatics. Not that that’s a problem. I had manual cars for most of my life. Its just another thing to get used to. Gears on the right…

Anyway, I’m back on Paros again and life can start to get sane again. Its good to be back on the island.


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