a little walk and a little talk

I did it again. I disappeared for a while. I always think I’m going to post regularly but then things happen. You know. Life. Relatives. Coffee out with friends…

Or rather not coffee. This morning I had my first coffee in 3 days. I’ve been avoiding it. Tea too. Not voluntarily I might add.

It seems like lately coffee decided it doesn’t like me any more. Neither does tea. Or milk. Or chocolate.

Or just about everything. I’ve been reduced to eating bread sticks, bread and, strangely enough, panetone… So many other things just come straight back up.

Life sucks.

And no, I’m not pregnant. (I have been asked!)

Its this whole stomach/hiatus hernia/GERD thing I have going on. I’d rather have gorgeousness going on but what are you gonna do? You get dealt the cards, you gotta play them.

Other than that whats been going on?

Well my dearest darlingiest cousin Little Zefi (aka known as the Little Usurper who came along and stole my name) came to Paros for a long weekend. We went for a lovely long walk to the other side of Parikia bay, and spent hours just talking which is always lovely.

Since she left I’ve been up to my ears in creating stuff. I’ve been inspired to make Easter and spring themed items to sell. I’ll share those when they’re done, but suffice it to say the place looks like a herd of rampaging dogs went through, pulling everything out of cupboards and spreading it around the living room/kitchen area.

My aunt came up to look at my teabag dress with a friend of hers yesterday and I heard her explaining as she came up the stairs: “Zefi is creative, so when she works she has everything out”… ie don’t get offended by the mess!

My teabag dress at the Art From Trash exhibition a few years ago.

Over the last few days, due to being newly inspired to create, I also visited an antique shop, a junk yard shop and various general stores and bought bits and pieces I need (or want or think I need or can use one day). Its always good to visit all the stores in a new place just to know where you can buy what.

I really can’t wait to get into my own home. All this accumulating and nesting in someone else’s house is getting too much. I buy stuff, lug it up the steep stairs, all the while knowing that at some stage I’ll have to lug it all back down and into my car to take to my own place.

Things are moving slowly on that. The sellers of the apartment I’m buying will be in Greece at the end of April for Easter so I hope we can settle things then. Fingers crossed. It would be good to be in there before summer and I have to work longer hours.


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