paros day 13: air dry clay bits

Today my washing finally dried! Yay. There is pleasure in the simple things…

I started on the sewing table but got delayed. I took it to the garage to start sanding, gap filled some more and planned to do the first coat of varnish on the top. But while sanding I broke a sliver off the top so had to glue that back in place. So instead of doing a coat of varnish today I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we can walk there tomorrow.

While the sun was out I took Lainee and Spitha for a walk to the beach and collected some cuttings to pot up along the way. Also added to my collection of sea glass. I’ll have to start making stuff with it soon as its getting pretty big.

Once back home I continued work on the bulldog. I made his paws, nose and eyeballs out of some air dry clay I had. Once they’re dry (or mostly dry) I’ll add detail. For now they are just drying slowly…


I also added a few bits to the boy. He’s been neutered so there will be no balls, however he now has his other boy bits (hahaha!) and the beginnings of a head.


Once this layer of paper is dry I’ll continue building on the head to get it right. Not exactly sure how I’ll do it yet but I have some thoughts…

Anyway, another nice day working creatively at home this time listening to stand up comedy on Youtube. I have home made potato wedges in the oven for dinner and I think I’ve earned some netflix.

Tomorrow is another day to be filled with creativity.


7 thoughts on “paros day 13: air dry clay bits

  1. Love your bull dog, and his little bit-less-ness! I can’t wait to see him finished. The last time I played with paper mache, I must have been just a kid. I’ve seen some photos of dragons made with paper mache and cloth. It showed the progression, too, from the idea to the finished product. I especially enjoyed how the teeth were made and settled into the jaw. Magnificent! There’s so much talent out there, you included! I haven’t been in my craft room for months. It’s overwhelming, so I think I’ll need some help to clean it up!


    • Well I guess there’s no time like the present to clean it up. You just start small, in one corner… start piles or boxes. Put things in each pile/box which are related or similar. That way, when its time to put things away you can have them put away in an organised way. I used to do that all the time… mainly cause I like to pull a ton of things out when I’m working on any project so the result is a mess. Every now and then I’d have to go into the studio, the office or the workshop and put things away or I could never find anything. Its such a challenge when living in a 2 room house! I have to be tidier but I never am.


  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. The feet and nose look really good. I have so many ideas but they never seem to get done. I also have a husband that isn’t so happy for me to be in my craft room all the time. Ha!


      • Yes he is at home . We are in our 70’s and don’t want to get out. He does have a part time job before this stuff happened and I do too but we are staying home with our fur babies.

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