paros day 14: a wire wreath

Today was one of those glorious days you get in spring. Warm but not hot, a breeze but no strong wind. I ventured down into the storage room in the basement to bring up the outdoor table and chairs so I can sit outside and enjoy days like this.

And let me tell you, it took bravery to venture down there! Its full of rat and mice s%$t and none of the rat poison blocks I put down there have been so much as nibbled on. We have smart rats here on Paros…

Anyway, I brought out some boxes of stuff. To be honest its not all the stuff I thought I had down there, but at least now I have a clearer picture of what I do and don’t have.

So, having braved the rat infested dungeon, I earned a frappe and some time in the sun working on something relaxing and listening to some stand-up.

Last week I’d picked up a vine on one of my walks and twisted it into a wreath. Today I used some rusty wire bits and some beads to create this wreath.

As I mentioned, the wreath is made of rusty wire pieces and the vine. I collect any bits of rusty wire I find on my walks. Basically I never met a piece of rusty wire (or metal) I didn’t love. A lot of the time once I pick up a piece I make it into a heart as I walk, then bring it home and hang it above my sink. Today I used two of those hearts as part of my wreath.

I used some of my very fine gold coloured wire to hold the whole thing together and added beads for a bit of colour and bling.

I think it turned out pretty okay. I’ll most likely put it on Facebook for sale. Maybe someone will fall in love with it.

Other than that I didn’t get a lot done today. The bare minimum of housework and I thought about sewing the curtain tabs but haven’t managed to do that yet. I think I’ll tackle that tomorrow afternoon. Its meant to rain so I will still walk to the garage in the morning to do more on the sewing table. All I did there this morning was one coat of varnish on the top and drawers. I figure I can get a coat of paint on the legs tomorrow and another coat of varnish on the top. Providing I don’t have to do more gap filling.

Tonight I think I’ll go to bed early as I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and get some real structure into my days. That means setting my alarm for 8am. Its all very well to wake up late, take a walk, work on whatever I feel like, watch Netflix etc. But maybe I need to actually have some kind of schedule. I don’t like wasting this precious time I have.

I’ll let you know how I go with it. (hahaha!)


7 thoughts on “paros day 14: a wire wreath

  1. I’m lucky to already be retired. As a high risk person, I at least wanted to go to the store with my daughter but she suggested that only one of go as she’s still working in an office with a few people.

    Every morning I’m doing FaceTime with a special friend and have phone contact with friends. Last night I visited an online group of people who are on the same path as I am. That was interesting and many such meetings are available here.

    Our weather is back and forth – cool and rainy then warm an breezy! Lol. High temp 86 deg F! Wild but not too bad or unusual for Texas.


    • Lots of people are using the internet to connect, plus calls. I speak to my mom every day on the phone and a few other people. Problem is that when you don’t go out or do much there’s little news to talk about! LOL


  2. No matter how late I go to bed, I get up just before 8 am. It’s been going on for about a week now. Of course, I get sleepy in the afternoon, so you just might find my napping! lol Katie and I are working on cleaning the garage out so we’re ready for a yard sale when things get right again. But, my back is hurting. So, I spend more time sitting waiting for it to feel better than cleaning the garage!!! Take it easy!


    • I’ve started doing yoga again. I was doing it for my sore back and got lazy when I went to Athens, didn’t start again on my return. Back to it now. Intend to keep it up every morning. At least thats one bit of structure to my day!


  3. I love your wreath with my color of beads. I pick up all the rusted wire I find at our farm and plan on making something after we get finished with our new storage building. It will give me some room to stretch out with my stuff.My craft room is full. Ha! We are trying to keep busy here in Oklahoma until this mess clears up. As of yesterday we had one person infected but expect to have many more.I don’t plan on being one of them tho.


    • Yes, stay inside or on your own property as you can. Its so much better to live in the country when something like this happens. I’d hate to think of being in a tiny apartment in a huge apartment building in a city suburb where people live on top of eachother.


  4. Beautiful wreath 😉 Here in Canberra (Oz) I’ve just finished a lovely Zoom catch up with stitching friends who meet up each Tuesday morning. It was fun to see them again, although I’m a little overwhelmed by the amount of projects some have finished. A plea to my mojo to return. Keep well.

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