paros day 19 – the bulldog takes shape

Lainee met the bulldog for the first time this morning. I mean, she’s seen this amorphous thing on the kitchen table but had no idea it was a dog till this morning when I put him down in front of the dehumidifier to help speed up the drying process.

I mean he has a face now. 

He still gets stints of time on his back as I fixed the back legs and his tummy…

He now has hocks for instance, something that was sorely missing till today.

Most of the time today he’s been on the floor drying out before the next attack. That’s the thing with papier mache… you need to dry layers. And nothing will air dry fast today.

I think I sorted how to get the details of the face and jowls. I’m using a mix of plaster, glue and toilet paper. Some fabric too. I have to work fast cause the plaster dries fast but it seems to be working.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Meanwhile, its been an overcast drizzly day and the forecast says days of wind and rain ahead. Not doing our walks any good as I tend to hibernate when the weather isn’t nice. Still, at least I’m doing stuff inside and that counts for a lot. I’m really enjoying this stage of the bulldog. He’s getting a face and personality now. I may even give him a name… I’m leaning towards Winston but that might be a bit too obvious. 


I’m also discovering how much I actually love sculpture. I’ve done some in the past and know I love working both additively and subtractively. If that’s a thing (haha), it means I like to add material as well as carve to create the shape I want. I really do want to get my hands on clay at some stage and start making things with it. Most likely figures and animals I think but who knows…

At this point in time I need to use what I have on hand and not buy any new supplies unless I need them specifically to finish projects I’m already invested in. Like the glue I had to buy. I have heaps of stuff I can use without buying anything new. I just gotta think outside the box…

I’m even starting to look at websites on zero waste and how to make things using every day items that will save buying and wasting the way we do in the world today. One step closer to creating a better world. 

You can be sure I’ll share anything new I find and try out. Like it or not. 



5 thoughts on “paros day 19 – the bulldog takes shape

  1. Love the bulldog’s little face. Yes, he has started getting a personality. I assume you’ll be painting him bulldoggie colors?


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