paros day 20: bulldog update

Its been a pretty blah day. There’s a really strong wind and its been raining on and off so its been an indoor day today. Only pee breaks outside (for Lainee, not me. I can use the indoor toilet!)

So after doing the usual time wasting stuff around breakfast I got stuck into Winston. Yeah… the name suits him and I basically just started thinking of him as that…

He’s pretty much done now. All the basics are done and he only needs fine tuning. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more carving and adding, it just means the main shape is now done. I worked with plaster and strips of fabric today, the odd bit of toilet paper soaked in the mixture to fill gaps.

Man plaster dries fast… I had to make it in small batches or it became impossible to work with.

I added his feet today. Not sure how the nails are going to hold… I made the mistake of adding them on, I should have carved them out… I reinforced them with some hot glue so lets just hope they hold. He’s pretty sturdy otherwise.

He’s going to spend at least the rest of today in front of the dehumidifier, maybe most of tomorrow as well. I’ll see when I look at him tomorrow. I want him totally dry before I start painting but he still needs some tweaking. His feet may be ‘on’ but they’re not perfect yet. And his face might need a bit more work. I’m not totally happy with it.

Other than that, I have done little today. After I put Winston down to dry I had lunch and watched a bit of Netflix and felt really sleepy… so I had a nap. A long one. Ugh.

My cousin Zefi is exercising and doing her gym class online. I’m a vegetable. She admires my work, I admire her will to not give up and turn into Jabba the Hutt.

I think about exercising then sit down and let the feeling pass. I think about what I can cook, I wash some dishes, tidy a bit now and then… I look at projects and get all excited about them, then I sit down and let that feeling pass too. I don’t get it. I love being at home. Usually when the weather is bad I’m happy cause I have an excuse to stay in and do my own stuff…

I guess having to do it instead of choosing to do it is the difference.

At least when the weather is nice I get out and walk and feel like I’m doing something!


Oh man. I just took a mouthful of coffee and had to sneeze. Word of advice: Don’t do it.

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