paros day 22: painting on marble

Another cold, windy, rainy day.

I discovered that when its windy my new neighbour likes to smoke out the back in his little yard and the smell comes straight into my bedroom. NOT happy about that. Took me ages to get to sleep again, this time due to cigarette smoke. ugh.

Other than that I had an exciting day today. I drove to Aliki to buy bread at the bakery. I also stopped at the nursery to have a look around at all the beautiful plants I won’t be buying.

Back home I’m working painting projects. The way my home is I can really only work at one type of thing at a time. There is only so much room to spread out stuff so I have to limit it to related projects. Right now its painting on anything and everything.

But thats ok. Its better for me to concentrate on one type of creativity at a time cause I get better the more I do.

For instance, this was the first painting on parian marble I did:

Ok… Its ok. But I work with a mix of acrylic paints, watercolour and pencils of different types (watercolour, regular, pastel). And I forgot the cardinal rule… never use water based sealer on waterbased media. sigh. I smeared it a bit. Its not SO bad, but I can see it and I’m not happy. It lost its sharpness. Its a really heavy piece of marble so shipping will be very expensive but I’ll give to anyone who wants it provided you pay shipping costs.

The next ones haven’t been sealed yet but I’m going to use the oil bases spray sealer/varnish.

These were done of slightly thinner pieces of marble.

I absolutely love these. I’m eager to do more. I’m running out of marble pieces though so will soon need to do a run to the place where I get them. I really hope they have pieces now that most places are closed. I know the shade place opposite me (which is normally open all day for like 12 hours or more) has been closed for over a week. They’re obviously not getting any work right now. If its the same with the marble place there won’t be many offcuts.

If I run out I guess I can go back to rocks. They’re free on the beach!


5 thoughts on “paros day 22: painting on marble

  1. I love the kittie! I wonder how much it would cost to ship it to me in southeastern North Carolina, zip code 28470? Your art is amazing!


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