paros day 21: crafting again

Today was a much better day. I got up early and Lainee and I went for a long walk despite the strong wind and the threat of rain. That’s always a good way to start the day. Good thing too cause I spent the rest of the day up to my elbows in craft stuff. Poor Lainee had to cross her legs!

This time we walked towards Ag. Irini but it was too windy to go all the way to the sea. We did meet some friends along the way though…

And noticed some gorgeous flowers among the weeds. I’ve never seen one of these before…

Back at home I went back to work on Winston the bulldog for quite a bit. He’s drying at the moment. I’ll update on him tomorrow.

Meanwhile I didn’t waste the day like I have tended to do lately. After putting Winston aside I did some painting which I’ll share when I take good photos. I also tried my hand at some ‘zero waste’ wash cloths.

I was looking at websites about cutting down on waste and thought these little things looked cute. The basic idea is to make your own wash cloths for doing dishes or wiping down benches using scraps you already have instead of buying sponges you throw away. When these get dirty you toss them in the washing machine.

I made these as scrubby washcloths – the back is microfibre and the front is a double layer of burlap I had in my fabric stash. As you can see I had pink in both! It was meant to be… The idea is that the burlap is stiff enough to scrub and the microfibre soft enough to wash. We shall see.

It wasn’t till after I finished them that I wondered why you need to make your own when you can, basically, just wash and re-use the ones you buy…? Whatever. I made these now so I’ll give them a try.

Tomorrow I might make myself some makeup remover pads using some soft cotton if I can find any in my stash.

You have a lot of time to think when you’re at home creating on your own… I’ve been thinking about this whole situation we find ourselves in and I wonder how and when things will get back to normal. The greek government has just extended the isolation restrictions till the end of April. A lot of people are thinking that things will go back to normal after that. Or by summer.

I don’t know… but I very much doubt it.

I mean… just think about this: Greece shut down quickly and has been pretty successful in slowing the rate of infection. So, what’s the plan now? We keep isolating and minimizing exposure and limit the spread till the ‘curve flattens’. Does that mean we keep this up till there are no more new cases? Or till there are under 10 new cases a day? How does that work? If we simply have less cases and we go back to normal, we’re back to square one again in a very short time.

Let’s say the plan is that we lift restrictions once no new cases are reported for a period of time. Say a month. No new cases in a month anywhere in Greece. What then? We all go back to our normal lives cause there are no more carriers or sick people to spread the virus, right? But if one person gets the virus we’re basically back in the same boat again. Do we go back to normal but keep the borders closed till the entire world has no new cases for a month? How does this work? More importantly, how long does that take? And how do we know? Not everyone in the world is tested, and even if they are, doesn’t mean they’re clear forever… they could get it tomorrow or next month. Is there an end to this?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

I need to sleep… Last night I gave up and watched Netflix till 2.30am cause my mind just would not stop.

I hope I have better luck tonight.


4 thoughts on “paros day 21: crafting again

  1. You will drive yourself to stay up nights if you keep thinking about this virus. Since I’m such an introverted homebody, staying home is not a big deal. Every once in awhile, I feel like going out to a thrift store or to the grocery store. Thanks goodness I don’t feel this often, but I can see that being untrue in the week(s) to come. When will it stop? When will the world start to feel better? I’m glad we have blogs and other social media. It helps me to feel a bit connected without actually meeting face to face. I miss going out to dinner with our friend, Cindy. But, I could look at all the ways we’re saving money! Luckily, Katie is still getting paid, and I am on disability so my check won’t stop. We don’t have to worry about money like so many others do. My credit card bill has gone down, too. Lucky us! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I have started selling some of my unwanted craft supplies. I’ve made a few buck for my PayPal account. That seems to have dried up a bit of late. I probably need to do a little more scanning and picture taking so I can put up some new stuff.

    Try not to worry, Zefi. It will take as long as it takes. Until it passes, let’s take care of each other the best we can.


    • Thanks Fonda. I do worry, its a genetic thing I guess… Got it from my Dad. However when I have days like yesterday where I worked and painted all day I feel better at the end of it. Its the days I lie on the couch eating chocolate and watching Netflix that are the worst. I beat myself up about them.

      I know it will pass… I know things will be different and hopefully the world will be a better more caring and mindful place after this. Hopefully people will learn to share more, to barter more, to have more empathy for others.



  2. Love your walk photos – since the poodles and I got savagely attacked in Jan we have very boring walks – I won’t go anywhere I might encounter another dog or past a house where there is a dog 😦 Right now we go to the town centre early in the morning when no body is about. The wash cloths look awesome and I think they will work really well. Keep crafting 🙂


    • What happened to you and the poodles???? I worry about that a lot on our walks. Most dogs here are kept chained (horrible) or inside gates, but there are the odd loose ones. Luckily most of them are well socialized, but often the chained ones are very aggressive and I do worry what would happen if any of those got loose when we walked by. I’d be far from my car, far from the vet and screaming if anything happened to Lainee. I can’t stop those thoughts as much as I try to remain calm and optimistic. Lainee is very well socialized and is a very inoffensive little dog who knows who to approach another dog without threatening it. That doesn’t mean to say that she won’t be attacked. A dog came over to her one day a few months ago, offlead, and they said hello then she just went for Lainee. Thankfully she was more afraid of me than she was interested in killing Lainee so she ran off when I yelled and ran at her. Still… its a fear you can’t avoid.



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