paros day 23: winston is finished

Today has been another productive day, and to be honest I really hope this feeling continues. I’ve been painting all day and I feel great. I feel I’ve earned my Netflix tonight. I’m making some bolognese and will sit on the couch and watch Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy.

I gotta be honest here, my attention began to waver in Season 6. They were going downhill so badly, everything that happened lead to death and disaster… I could tell where this was going to end. But I’m not quitter. Plus I do want to know how it all ends. Badly. I know.

Anyway, here is Winston. Finished now except for his coat of spray sealant.

Winston was made using cardboard, toilet paper rolls,newspaper and a whole lotta masking tape to create the basic shape. And craft glue. The details were created using air dry clay, a mix of plaster with glue and water on fabric or toilet paper. And a bit more air dry clay. He was painted using artist acrylic paint.

To be honest I love the look of him from behind or the side, he looks more real from there. Still, over the last few days I’ve tripped over him a few times thinking he was a dog that just wasn’t getting of the way!

Not bad for papier mache though…

Hope he likes his new job guarding a tattoo parlour.

That’s all for today. The pasta is already cooking!


8 thoughts on “paros day 23: winston is finished

  1. Winston turned out wonderfully! I can’t help but wanting him to have a monocle over one eye, though! But, he’s going to a tattoo parlor, not a high society venue! You did a great job!

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  2. Winston looks great! Congratulations! Yes, you deserve pasta and SOA! I watched all of the seasons and it got β€œlazy” a time or two but I could NOT stop watching! πŸ˜‚

    I have a pic of my toy poodle with a bully stick and it looks like a cigar!

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  3. You are fantastic with your hands ,l am hopeless which gives me not much to do to occupy my time .Reading – well l cannot concentrate so it’s FB ,internet exercising ,cleaning ,watching movies oh and cooking ,Stay positive .l have been in isolation for 7 weeks ,getting used to it .Happy my husband and l are not ill ,YET.


    • Stay safe. And I always recommend trying something easy (in terms of making stuff). Find something you’re interested in and watch Youtube videos on how to do it. It can be fun. Its how I learned to remake dolls and make air dry clay and cook some stuff. πŸ™‚


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