a cat & AJ – lockdown 2 day 2

Day 2 of lockdown and I achieved a lot.

Firstly I did some baking. I made a cake and some apple crumble. The cake was something I just felt like making. I hadn’t made a cake for ages. It was a plain butter cake but I’m thinking maybe it had a bit too much butter… I used the pure butter made here on Paros cause I was told it was the best for baking. Maybe it was too strong? Who knows.

The apple crumble is something I enjoy making in cold weather usually cause I love to have it as breakfast with yogurt. Yum. I made some more of my yogurt and fruit ice cream as well, cause I’m addicted to it. I promise I’ll share that recipe soon.

I did some washing (well, I just put it in the washing machine and hung it out to dry in the sun). Today was a lovely day, windy but sunny. I took Lainee for a short run on the beach and continued working on my cat project.

This is how the cat began – I started it at the same time as I started the rag dog. I made the body out of cardboard from a weetbix box, the legs and tail out of wire.

I’d been slowly building up the cat body using scrunched up paper, aluminium foil and masking tape, then layes of papier mache. Today I added the head and continued layering paper to give it strength. With papier mache I found that I build up as I need to, even trimming bits off when necessary as I did with the bulldog. I will most likely begin working with papier mache pulp for the next steps.

I had good company while working… I was watching country music videos on YouTube and there was a lot of Alan Jackson in there. I love Alan Jackson. Nothing better than good music and singing out loud while you work.

The cat begins to take shape. Its a slow process as it needs to dry between layers. In between I did other things – its always good to have more than one project on the go.

And, cause Lainee won’t leave me alone, here are some pics of her on the beach. She really is quite demanding… she thinks she’s the only thing I should post about…

She was so happy on the beach today. Its funny how Lainee has been coming out of her shell slowly. I’ve had her for 1.5 years now and it seems like every day she shows me a little more of her character. The first thing she began doing was playing on the bed after I’d had her for a few months, but would stop the minute I tried to join in. Now she wakes up and wants to cuddle and then plays with me. Its our special time.

Since the weather cooled down she’s begun jumping around and even running when we go on our walks. Today she ran up and down the beach. It fills my heart with joy to see her like that.

Well. Gotta go. More tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “a cat & AJ – lockdown 2 day 2

  1. I love hearing from you about Lainee! I have a 14 year old toy who has never been a cuddler! My precious poodles were cuddlers from the beginning! But she’s by my side no matter where I am!

    We have no beach but are having cooler weather and both my girls are peppy!

    We have a new president (I’m pretty sure) so are now looking to January 20 when Joe Biden takes over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, trust me Barbara when I say the WHOLE WORLD is looking forward to January! LOL

      And yes, most of the time Lainee isn’t a cuddler. Only first thing in the morning and when we’re out somewhere. At home, on the couch, she prefers to sit in the corner on her own cushion, not on my lap. I miss that. My standards and previous toys were always on me or touching me.


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