paros day 40: paintings on marble

I really haven’t got much to say about today.

I went for a long walk in Parikia with Lainee cause I had to go down to the post office this morning. Bought farm fresh eggs off the one guy at the little market. Came home. Ate leftovers. Painted a while. Watched some Netflix. Painted a bit more. Took Lainee out a couple of times. Chatted on the phone with some cousins.

I tried to make a photo album on my Facebook page with items for sale but ran into a hiccup and gave up. Nothing like giving up at the first sign of something not working…

Really… a pretty quiet day.

So here are some paintings on marble to make up for the lack of news.

I’ve been enjoying sea life lately but I think I need to do something different next…


2 thoughts on “paros day 40: paintings on marble

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