back to strict restrictions – lockdown 2 day 56

Apparently we’re back in strict lockdown. Once again.

I didn’t know we’d relaxed… Okay, actually I did notice some shops which had been closed were open again but with very strict limits on numbers in the store etc etc. And curfew went from 9pm to 10pm. Now its back to 9pm curfews and everything closed. Again.

You know, I really don’t get this bulls$%t. I mean are all governments as stupid as this one or is it just Greece?

We seem to be doing a bang up job of the whole COVID19 thing, bouncing around from lockdown to free for all ‘come here for your holidays cause we’re safe’ then back to total lockdown, from restrictions to curfews to whatever.

***(added later cause I knew I’d forgotten something and it came to me late last night): Schools are to open, restricted hours of course, but kids are going to school while shops are to close again from Monday 4 January. These measures are in force till mid January when they’ll look at the situation again. How does that make sense? This yoyo-ing back and forth like we’re playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ and restricted opening hours? Obviously corona virus is only contagious between certain hours of the day…

In the first phase of COVID19 Greece was the shining example of what to do in a pandemic. The greek government put the country in strict lockdown, all but necessary business were shut, where possible people worked from home or else didn’t work and the government promised assistance (whether it did or not, I don’t know, I’m still waiting for unemployment benefits since I stopped working), schools were shut down and online schooling was introduced. No curfew but bars and restaurants were closed so there was nowhere to go. And the country had incredibly low COVID19 cases… although, to be fair, not many tests were being done either. Still, very few deaths, especially when you compared Greece to neighbouring countries.

Then, in all its wisdom, the government decided to open borders in order to rescue the economy. So they said they’d allow only people travelling from other green countries to enter Greece. With tests done at the border plus quarantine. Then it was a free for all, everyone could come to Greece for a holiday it seemed, barely any testing or quarantine to be seen. Over summer no businesses did well, everyone struggled, lots chose to stay closed as the cost of being open was more than they would make…

Why open borders at all? Make Greece a shining example of what not to do in a pandemic. Sigh. If they’d just kept borders closed for a full year it would have been so much smarter. Then they wouldn’t have had to lock us down again. Business could have opened and stayed open, people could have gone about their lives with restrictions and care. Is it really better to open places up then shut them down than to keep them open but keep borders closed?

I understand why the curfew – when shops and cafes closed at 10pm in summer everyone would go hang out in large groups in parks and have house parties. So they introduced curfew to stop that. Then we went into full lockdown and all movements have to be announced via sms again, with the appropriate reason for the outing otherwise you just stay home.

Its frustrating.

As you know, I don’t mind it. I don’t go out much anyway though I do miss meeting a friend for a coffee now and then or a drink once a fortnight at a cafe. I’m mostly fine with lockdown, barely even inconvenienced. I have my interests and I live on an island so I can walk on the beach every day. This just seems so fruitless.

Anyway, this has been on my mind today cause I took mom to Parikia to see her sisters and walked and made calls in order to stave off boredom. Everyone I spoke to said the same thing: Why open borders which was always only going to lead to another lockdown? And I felt frustrated for people locked in apartments in big cities, those with health issues who daren’t risk going out, stuck within 4 walls with nothing to occupy them cause not everyone has creative hobbies like I do.

But enough depressing thoughts. Here is progress on my fish project…

I must confess (so you don’t think I’m a genius all the time – I’m only a genius most of the time) I had planned to paint the fish with colours… soft washes of colour like I do on the marble paintings… but it looked hideous so I went with a flat grey colour. I’m ok with that.

I gotta get going now. Eric is using my forearm as a bed and its making typing into a weight workout for my arm.


6 thoughts on “back to strict restrictions – lockdown 2 day 56

  1. My mom died yesterday of covid. She was in a memory care facility. They were in lock down for a good bit of 2020. During nice weather, she had porch visits where a family member could visit out in the open air for a set period of time. Now that it was cold, my one brother had compassionate visits. He became clergy so he could visit practically any time. Then, that stopped. Then, they could go to mom’s window to the outside and visit with her and see her there. Then, about two days ago, everyone who wanted to see her had to do the rapid covid test and put on a gown and mask and visit between 10 and 2. Then, yesterday, anyone could visit at any time. They still had to get the test and suit up. My sister from Florida went up to Ohio to see her for the last time. I chose not to see her as she was comatose at that point. I treasure the last visit I saw her in person was over a year ago and the times when we Facetimed on Fridays. The last Facetime was when she could hardly keep her eyes open, and she wasn’t focused on our conversation, so the time before that was better.

    Generally, Katie and I are staying in except for the errands we need to do, like go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the post office and the rare occasional run to get prepared food to bring home. There are still stupid people who gather for parties. I heard that the police raided some parties and sent people home. We have no curfews, and I really don’t know if there are any businesses closed

    Stay in and stay safe!

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    • I’m so sorry about your mom. I’m amazed they allowed even that much visiting at the nursing home. From the minute I put my aunt into a nursing home in athens I was only able to see her twice: once to pick her up and transport her from the nursing home in Athens to the one on Paros and once for her birthday when mom, her sisters and I stood at the door and talked to her through the window. They don’t take chances here.

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  2. Always look forward to the progress in each of your art projects as well as your pets and your family visits. I am visiting from avintagegreen – and so far haven’t figured out how to leave a reply so I am trying out FB today.

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    • Thank you Joy. Its been ages since I shared any projects to blog parties but I do share on the various FB groups I belong to when I remember. I’m very bad at keeping up a constant stream of photos and stuff in order to promote my work like you should do when selling stuff online… I need a manager. LOL


  3. I just ran across your blog in the Reader. In Southern California we have been mostly locked down since March. Then we hear there’s more lockdown and just like you, I didn’t realize we hadn’t been locked down. We moved out of state a few weeks ago, and everything seems to be open.

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    • Thanks for visiting. Its just so strange this yo-yo-ing thats going on. I realise no one knows what to do for the best, but surely this isn’t the way to go… I just feel like strict lockdown is good, but if you take that step (and people suffer financially cause of it) then don’t insult them by partially opening and then shutting down again, making their original sacrifices worthless… Anyway, enough about that! Hope you’re having a nice day!

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