athens day 17 but who’s counting

Today, with temperatures of about 36-38 degrees C in Athens, I find myself in Loutsa with mom and Aunts 1 and 4.

It wasn’t my idea but what the heck, figured it wouldn’t hurt. At least Aunt 1 would have company all around her all day and maybe would stop complaining. Well, that didn’t happen. She complained in the car all the way down (yeah, she was sore and uncomfortable) but then she never let anyone rest once we got here. She went straight to bed while we did stuff and got lunch ready. Then we all wanted to rest and suddenly Aunt 1 was full of beans and wanted to walk around and chat.

Loutsa is an area outside Athens – the official name is Artemisia which is a much nicer name, but its not that much of a nice area. Too built up for me, too crowded. But its close to the sea so there’s a breeze and that in itself is so much better than Athens. Mom and Aunt 4 have convinced us to stay the night and return home tomorrow. I dread spending the night with pacing mumbling Aunt 1… We need some serious sleeping pills… Mind you, she’s walking with a cane now, still saying she can’t walk, but she’s getting around pretty well.

I just got a bonus chunk of data so I’m set… I just wish I’d brought my paints with me. Seems such a waste to be sitting here without working on something.

Meanwhile let me share some pretty pictures of Aunt 4’s flowers. Here are a couple of pretty pelargoniums.

And a gorgeous bougainvillea… maybe one day mine will be as full of blooms.

And the most amazing cactus flowers. They only last one day so I’m lucky to be here to see these.

Hope you enjoyed the flowers. Not sure what time we might leave for Athens. Morning will be cooler and less traffic and I’ll be home in time to hopefully do some painting… but it would be cooler to stay here all day and leave in the evening – but that means we’ll be fighting traffic all the way home…


3 thoughts on “athens day 17 but who’s counting

  1. Those flowers are so beautiful! And the colours are stunning. How far out of Athens is Loutsa? Is it a family house you are staying in? I’d love to see a photo of it.

    It’s so hard to be with Aunt 1, or anyone who complains all the time. It’s very draining, physically and emotionally. I feel for you. I’m glad Aunt 4 was there to share that burden. Aunt 1 could be in real. Has the doctor (s) recommended any pain killers? I think you are amazing to be helping her so much.
    Sending you love.


    • Its only 20klm from Athens but traffic can make it seem a LONG way. Here is a link to Artemida:,_Attica

      Yes, I have taken her to doctors and all that. She is already walking with a cane now and complains about the pain all the time but only asks for pain killers now and then so I don’t think the pain is that bad any more. I was giving her shots for pain two times a day last week.



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