hot and i’m not talking about the weather

A wet Lainee as relief from the heat.

I really am about to explode. My patience has worn beyond thin and with this heat, I’m warning you, I take no responsibility for my actions.

The weekend at Artemis was ok, at least there were three of us there to share the care of Aunt 1, and it wasn’t quite so hot as Athens. Back here though… its back to the same old grind. I settle Aunt 1 in, take my stuff upstairs, take Lainee for a walk and come back to find she’s been out on the street calling that she’s been abandoned cause I didn’t answer the house phone.

I spent most of today on the phone. Mom and I agreed to put Aunt 1 in a nursing home not far out of Athens, at least till she is accepted into the nursing home on Paros. The two I singled out in the Athens area (from friend recommendations) said they would take her without having to provide everything from her birth certifcate, her tax returns, health reports and shoe size. The one we chose wants us to do a COVID19 test before they take her. Fair enough.

I asked where I could call to get the test done, ‘look it up’… sure. Ok. I figured I’d ask her doctor when I speak to him.

I had an appointment for a call from her doctor this afternoon. I’d gotten all the tests done last week – after another phone appointment where I told him what the nursing home wanted and he said he’d call today. I figured he’d call to make another appointment to take her in or for me to take in the results. He did NOT say, bring the results in for me to see them prior to the call. I guess he thought that was understood. But I’m not greek enough to know that… so he called today and told me that I should have taken in the results and now we have another phone date on thursday morning. This is how it goes and I’ll still be stuck in this shit of a life for another 6 months at this rate!

When I asked him where would I get the COVID19 test done he said I’d need to call the government health line or whatever its called. Which I did. They don’t do tests on healthy people. They have teams that go out to places to do tests when people are sick or have been in contact with others who are sick. Great. Who can I call to get a test done privately? He didn’t know.

So I call the nursing home again. They only know one place I can call, its outside Athens of course. Near the nursing home. Wonderful.

So now I’m scouring the internet to find where I can do the test at great cost.

Meanwhile, I’m running around in the heat taking stuff upstairs, downstairs, doing laundry, getting meals and medication for Aunt 1 hanging out and bringing in washing, making calls that go in circles without achieving anything, and I get a call from Aunt 1 to go turn on her air conditioner. I tell her I’m getting the clothes off the line for mom and will be right down when I hear commotion downstairs. She’s outside calling some guys in off the steet to turn it on for her!

If you hear about some crazy woman in Greece who killed an elderly woman before driving her car through a building killing dozens of people it’ll be me.

For the predictable future I’ll be called downstairs every 5 minutes to adjust the air conditioner cause its too cold or too hot, turn it off, turn it back on.

I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’m already taking pills in order to relax enough to sleep at night. I have people waiting for me to do their poor dogs on Paros as they’re suffering from the heat just like Lainee is here. I want my life back.

I know life will never be the same again. I will always be the one responsible for my aunt and my mother from now on, but I just can’t take this stress much longer. I love my mother, but when I’m running up and down stairs and she says ‘don’t take long cause I want us to eat together cause I’m tired and want to rest’ I just snap.. Eat! Don’t wait. I don’t need that pressure as well.

I am not a good person.

At least you got a cute pict


7 thoughts on “hot and i’m not talking about the weather

  1. You are a very good person. It is extremely hard caring for the sick relatives, old or young. Take a deep breath and know your doing the best thing for them. i know how hard it is my mother in law had dementia. that was no picnic but I was her person. She didn’t want any one else. But she passed and I knew it was ok. But patience, I have none for the young. I love my grandchildren but not on a daily basis. So remember you are the best and kindest person.


  2. You are a good person, practically a saint for not having snapped sooner. Very good idea to get her into care, life living with your Mom will be so much less stressful then. If you can’t get any care home on Paros what about a nearby Island? very very frustrating for you. Thank goodness for cute dogs, my poodle Buddy is keeping me sane right now

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    • I am arranging a nursing home in Athens till I can get her to Paros. But just organsing all the bits and pieces I need for that takes so long and is so complicated! I am so tired! But all going well I can head home next week.


  3. At least you can rant to us! A burden shared gets a smidgen lighter. The first year I was here it seemed like I was sick a week every month! Whatever the kids caught, I was in line next. I’m not sure I could live without air conditioning! Our house is a smaller large house. It’s 3000 square ft 4 bedrooms who’s #4 bedrooms is the grooming salon. Not a guest b/r anymore. It’s arranged so the master with en-suite bath is on a separate floor from my room. It means we can all have privacy. We can’t really keep it comfortable without ceiling fans as the a/c units are powered by electricity so we don’t set the thermostat to a lower temp as it’s just too expensive.

    Hang in there. Hugs

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    • I can’t live without air conditioning either. It was the first major purchase I made for my home on Paros. Phew. I don’t do well in the heat and I think that had a lot to do with me having a meltdown. Literally! 🙂


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