something small in grey

I was given this little salt pig, or container or whatever you want to call it, by my french neighbours complete with natural sea salt they collected themselves here on Paros. Cute huh?

Only thing is, I didn’t really like the colour of the wood. So… I painted it grey.

The grey isn’t totally perfect with the cream, beige and brass fittings in my kitchen, but its one of my favourite colours. I have throws for the couch in grey… Plus I had it already mixed up in chalk paint for the wreaths I made for my cousin early in the summer.

And since I had the paint out, and I had some wooden spoons which were really plain and I love the painted handle look, I went ahead and painted them.

Much better don’t you think? Some of the wooden spoons are very old. Can you tell?

Of course now the problem becomes how do you store these in a way that shows off the painted bits? Without cluttering up the entire kitchen (which is cluttered enough already with a stack of marble waiting to be painted and my iron and a towel which acts as my ironing board).

This little project is something I did a couple of weeks ago but only just getting around to sharing. Its one of the few creative things I did for myself in a while. But it always feels good to do creative things, even small ones like this.

Being creative is good for my soul.

I am so looking forward to some creative time. Both for my home and art. Tons of ideas. Not enough time to do it all.

(Well there might be enough time if I didn’t laze around on the couch eating ice cream in the evenings.)


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