folding stool upcycle

I found this little folding stool in Aunt 1’s store room. Cute huh? I couldn’t resist it. Then again, I have no need of a little stool like that.

What I do have use for is a beach bed for Lainee…

Lainee is too much of a person to lie on the sand when at the beach. Till now she uses my beach chair when I’m in the water and then has a towel on the sand or the second beach chair I got for her…

She’s also been known to use my beach bag as a bed…

Last night I made a new top for the little stool out of an old pair of jeans. Making the top longer so that it would be lower to the ground as well.

I wish I could have re-used the fabric on the stool but I couldn’t think of a way to do it… there is no way to get the stool itself under the sewing needle in order to sew the fabric onto the metal frame.

I used laces from the jeans themselves (at the waist and legs) as ties for the back cause there was no other way to fit the top to the stool. This makes it more likely to loosen with use, but thats ok. I can retighten the laces as needed.

Not sure Lainee likes it yet. I put her on it for a bit last night and she was off it and back to the couch in a flash. However I will try it on the beach. I bet she likes it there.


PS. She likes it!

4 thoughts on “folding stool upcycle

  1. Your Lainee looks a lot like my Paisley. Paisley thinks she is a princess and can not touch the sand as it might get on her feet. Ha! she likes to be carried. I really like your little stool.

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