summer in october

Its been seriously wonderful here for the last two weeks.

The weather has been perfect. A bit hot some days, a bit humid on the odd occasion, but generally its been just perfect.

When there’s been any wind its been from the south which means the sea on this side of the island is flat as a pancake, though most days we have no wind at all.

Swimming in the sea is like swimming in a pool… still, warm, and clear.

Its the kind of weather where you really can’t justify NOT going for a swim. It feels like a sin against life to stay home and watch Netflix or have a nap. In fact, I think it should be made illegal. Its October and the beaches are lovelier than they were in summer.

I continue to work at the ceramic workshop and every day I think I’m so lucky to have a job where I can paint all day. I love the atmosphere of the place, I enjoy being there even when I have days where time drags, my back hurts and I feel uninspired. Its more me than any other job I’ve ever had. Well, except for dog grooming, cause I just adore dogs and love meeting new dogs all day.

Generally, I love being on Paros even if things can be hard financially here – partly cause of COVID 19 and partly cause its Greece with all its strange enterprise-strangling ways.

I have been working on another sea rope basket, just needs a couple of finishing touches and it will be ready to share. Tomorrow I hope.

Surely the weather will change soon and I will feel more like staying in and doing something!


2 thoughts on “summer in october

  1. Here in North Carolina, it is going to be hot today. So far, it’s 83 degrees, and it’s around noon. It’s sunny. The flowers are still pretty, those which remain: globe amaranth, impatiens, morning glories and small sunflowers. Our red bud tree is want to change it’s green leaves to gold, and the oak next door is squeezing out a few red leaves. Fall is coming slowly.

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