i am not a cat person…

I’m not a cat person.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like, or even love cats. It just means I don’t want to actually OWN a cat. I don’t want one in my house, leaving hair on my couch or pillow or walking on my table and benchtops.

It apparently means that I’ll have cats living all around me, feed cats, look after sick kittens, take cats to be neutered etc…

This is what I see when I come home from work every day:

My neighour’s cats enjoying some sun or shade on my porch wall. Yes, I put the little rugs out there for them. I mean, I want them to be comfortable… I put them on my director chairs, and on the wall… I even provide a box for them to sleep in…

That tricolour cat has managed to sneak into my house and hide a couple of times. I come home to be greeted by her coming out of my bedroom stretching, saying “Thanks. That was a great nap.”

One of them, Gringia (which means Whiney), also enjoys my lemongrass.

So, for a non-cat person, I sure have a lot of cats around…

Anyway, we’ve had the most wonderful weather for the last two weeks. Amazing. Its now October and we’re still swimming!! Glorious weather, no wind, swimming pool calm beaches…

Obviously, with weather like that projects and housework take a back seat. This weather won’t last long… I’m gonna enjoy the quiet beaches for a long as I can.


2 thoughts on “i am not a cat person…

  1. Pssst…I think you ARE a cat person! lol I know we are. My wife made quilts for their little baskets and sewed round basket-like rug-like rounds for them to call home base. We are definitely cat people! Enjoy your summer…as long as it lasts!


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