lockdown. again. day 1.

We’re in full lockdown again as of today. Alert messages that scare the crap out of you. Having to send an SMS every time we leave the house – only allowed to leave home for specific reasons. The codes that got the most use for me last lockdown were shopping (2) and exercise/walking the dog (6). This time i can add ‘assisting an elderly person/relative of the first degree’ to my list. In fact I’ll be using that in a few minutes to go see mom.

This time we added a curfew: no one out after midnight. Well, that was in force up to last night… maybe its earlier now? I don’t know cause I’m usually in bed by then anyway! I sure do live the life!

Lockdown comes as no surprise. We could see it coming a mile away. We went into preventative lockdown in March and we had amazing results with very few cases of COVID 19 and very few deaths. Our cases have reached about 3,000 per day now and the capacity of hospitals to cope with critically ill patients is being stretched. Decisions were made that people over 80 with other health issues would not be treated… Is it any surprise its come to this? Open borders with a pandemic in full swing and what did you expect would happen? Whatever…

I envisage my life will be the same as last time: Adding in one elderly mother I’ll need to shop for cause she’s still on Paros, not in Athens this time. I’ll post something every day, even if its nothing much, just to keep doing something positive. I’d already begun working on some stuff, but this is a great reason to kickstart creativity again.

Lets start with something I finished a couple of days ago, ie pre – lockdown… Sorry about the poor quality of the photos… this phone just doesn’t have as good a camera as my last one.

This little patchwork rag dog is a textile sculpture. His frame is wire and papier mache, then fabric in layers ending with the patchwork layer on top using the tiny scraps I can’t bring myself to throw away when I make something. I have a whole suitcase of small scraps…

I love his cute little face…

A closeup of the stitching. I’m not neat. But I like it that way! The entire outer layer is handstiched pieces and his feet are slightly padded to create toes.

Please excuse the bad photos. I really need to set up the camera and a ‘lightbox’ again. Somehow in this little box of a living room/kitchen/dining room/office/studio…

And here is a photo of the ‘real’ dog.

This is 8 month old Morty. He’s not the real model for the rag dog, but he’s pretty close. He’s gorgeous and doesn’t seem to realise he’s a 25 kilo lump of a dog so I got some GREAT cuddles. I miss my big dog cuddles…I adore Lainee, but a whole body hug is just something else.


6 thoughts on “lockdown. again. day 1.

  1. Cute patchwork dog!
    We are on pins and needles waiting to see who the next president will be!
    Our COVID-19 is out of control!
    We voted last Tuesday. It’s Saturday here. 🤷‍♀️

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  2. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a new president to shut down the whole country because of Covid – one that we don’t have yet. Heck, Trump can’t even be bothered with a mask, so why would any of his followers? The numbers are way up. Katie and I are doing our part, but there are many who are not. I don’t know what this world is coming to! Our news has just shown that Biden is the projected winner. There will be recounts, of course, because some of the states were so close, and the big clown of a president won’t back off. So, for now, we’re happy, but the anxiety is still there. We’re looking for the definitive answer as to who our president will be…still anxious!

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