bone charm – lockdown 2 day 15

Sharing a little charm I made for a bit of leftover air dry clay the other day. A lady I know has the most gorgeous silver bone charm on a chain around her neck and I really wanted one. So… not finding one, I made my own.

It might not be as fine or silver, but I still like it. It’ll be fun to wear in summer.

I made this a few days ago but finished it yesterday afternoon with a couple of coats of varnish and a large jump ring.

This post is a day late (again) cause I got busy with mom last night. Yeah, curfew is at 9pm so I had to be home by then, but I made the mistake of starting to watch Messiah on Netflix and I got hooked. I couldn’t get off till my eyes started to close around 12.30am.

Eric the kitten is starting to settle in a little. He doesn’t always run and hide when I walk close to him (like he did yesterday when I spent about 15min trying to get him out from under the couch). He’s using the litter tray reliably, cuddled while watching Netflix with me last night, and even started to approach Lainee for friendship. She continues to not be impressed and told him so, but she’s gentle. I think she’ll come around. I still don’t want a cat, but he has something special. Even mom was saying how cute he was and laughing at his antics. And she dislikes ‘filthy cats’!

And now I have to go. I got stuff to do! Can’t sit around on the computer all day!


3 thoughts on “bone charm – lockdown 2 day 15

  1. I don’t understand the idea of a curfew to keep the virus at bay. I would think a 2-week lock down would be more effective. But, what do I know? If everyone behaved as I do (stay home except for groceries and to run some errands once a week) this virus would go away. I will keep doing as I have been for my own safety and for the safety of my neighbors.

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    • The curfew is something people bring on themselves… They closed restaurants and bars at 10 or 11pm and people would gather in the streets and in parks all over Greece. The age group which was affected by the virus shifted from the over 60s to 25-40 year olds. Hence the curfew. No more hanging out in public places. Everything closed from 8.30pm and everyone in their home by 9pm. We are in lockdown for at least 3 weeks, no doubt that will be extended at least once, and we shall see if the numbers drop. So far the numbers keep going up and the death toll reached an all time high in Greece of 108 yesterday. That’s after 2 weeks of lockdown…


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