kill that teddy – lockdown 2 day 26

I finished the play bowing dog with the teddy in his mouth. As the title says, he’s killing it!

I actually finished him a couple of days ago but was waiting for the chance to photograph him outside. Not the best light, but a bit better than the kitchen counter.

This dog is made like the previous ones – starting with cardboard, newspaper, masking tape, wire, foil. Building the armature first, then building up the shape bit by bit. The top layer is vintage fabric and paint. The nose and paws are paper clay.

I made the teddy out of fabric so he’s soft, and I even gave him some ripped bits. One ear is only partly ripped and chewed, the other ear dangles by a thread.

The gallery below shows some of the progress.

I’ve been working on so many different things at the moment I think I may have to start posting more than one thing a day! Eh, better to have too much to share than not enough.

I’m loving having some days a week to myself. I sort of made it clear to mom that I won’t see her every day, I won’t go into town every day. I need a couple of days a week (at least) to work on my own things. I’m happy to do the shopping or take mom to see her sisters etc, just don’t expect that I’ll do something every day.

Today I spent all morning working then I took Lainee for a walk on the beach. It was a lovely sunny day, made me wish I had my bathing suit with me! Bonus I met a guy riding on the beach… It was lovely to touch and smell horses again. Made me wonder if I want to organise a few rides.

Anyway, spend time with mom o’clock.

Thank goodness for 9pm curfew, I get the nights to myself and SOME nights I even feel like working!


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