who me? dog sculpture – lockdown 2 day 27

Another finished dog. I just love making these guys. They take about a week to make. Making the armature is easy enough and only takes an afternoon. Then the actual shaping (building up of body) and adding face and paws takes a few days since they need drying time between goes. Because of that I usually start another dog before I’ve finished the one I’m working on. At any given time I have at least 2 dogs ‘in progress’.

How many dogs will I make? I’m not sure. I have other projects I work on in between (more clay dishes for instance since I bought a few packs of air dry clay) but I come back to the dogs when I feel at a loss. I have cardboard prepared to paint on, so I have to get to that at some stage. The idea is to have enough work to choose from when its time to have an exhibition. What doesn’t sell there will go in my new online shop.

Yes. New shop. I was getting really down about not selling anything in my Etsy shop for a long time so I closed it. Maybe that was rash… Now if I want to re-open it I have to start over. But who knows. I’ve seen some papier mache dog sculptures on there for unbelievable prices, which makes me think mine, at reasonable prices, might sell. Or I might just stick to opening a Facebook shop. I started on that but stopped cause I can’t make things to sell now AND have enough stuff for a show later on.

Oh the dilema of being an artist… sell something now or keep it to show…

Anyway, this little dog began life as a short muzzled boy, but when I added cheeks and jowls he looked like he’d been stung by a bee. I began thinking I’d put a bee on his nose and call him ‘I got Stung’ but discovered I could carve into the paper mache clay. I fixed his face and now he has this quizzical expression I really like.

(I reserve the right to make a stung dog though!)

He’s been made the same way as all my dogs, with recycled materials and finished with vintage white cotton fabric and white paint. His face and paws are air dry clay.

It was a glorious day today. I took Lainee down into Parikia this morning and we took a long walk with one of my aunts all the way to the other end of town. The sea was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist and had a quick skinny dip. I hadn’t planned on swimming so didn’t have my bathing suit or a towel. There was no one around so why not? The sun was warm enough to dry me off quickly and it felt incredible. Sure, it was cold in the water, but it was worth it. Though its such an easy walk it sure doesn’t feel like nearly enough exercise.

Panoramic shots don’t work well in this format… They are too small!

Lainee said it was enough for her though. She made some new friends along the way and then came home and crashed.

Mom made me some bean soup. It was nice. I hadn’t had it in a long time. Sometimes I need to remember I’m greek. I can’t live on panettone, thai green curry and gyoza all the time!

What else have I got to share?

My new vacuum cleaner sucks. Literally. It sucked the rug right off the floor. I almost broke a rib trying to pull it across the rug. I found I have to use that little air slider thingy to loosen its grip in order to vacuum even on the hard floors. Well, that’s a good thing. Last thing you want is a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t suck!

My newest clay dishes (in cement-like air dry clay) dried with big cracks in them. Not as good as the white air dry clay which is a pity as I have 2 more packs of the stuff… Tonight I’ll try patching them up and see how that goes. Maybe they dried too fast?

The dishes I made a few days ago are now dry and I need to decide whether to paint or just seal them tomorrow, then share them.

Instead of doing more clay work tonight I think I might start on another sea rope basket as I watch Netflix. I finished watching Hollywood (a funny, feel good series) and have started watching Sweet Magnolias. So far so good. I love strong independent women doing their own thing.

So much happening in my amazing life!


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