its beginning to look a bit like christmas – lockdown 2 day 29

Parikia tonight.

I took Lainee down to Parikia for a walk again this afternoon, along the beach and the waterfront. On the way back it got dark and I discovered there are Christmas lights up in town!

Its a glorious night, after a brilliant day. The sea is still, not a skerrick of wind, just perfect. Unbelievable to think Christmas is just around the corner.

This time of year they always light up the windmill in the port, but I didn’t see the lit up boat in the town square. I think that gets lit at a Christmas fete later in December… Though I don’t think that’ll happen this year. Large gatherings of people, even outdoors, is probably a no-no. No Christmas markets either I bet. In fact, we’ll be lucky to have stores open for Christmas shopping the way we’re going.

Lucky I make my own presents!

I visited the nursery again today cause I needed another bag of potting mix. The new planter I got for the lupins out the back is huge and needed about 100 litres of potting mix. While there I fell in love with this little plant. No idea what it is, but I love its whimsical craziness.

As you can see, it now has a great spot on my book case and is wearing my little star fairy lights.

A little bit of Christmas for me too.

I wasn’t going to do anything this year, but I’m finding I want to do something. I might go get some outdoor fairy lights to put on the tree outside. Or across the front. I may not put up a tree but I love fairy lights.

I might also dig out the indoor ones and put them up high where they won’t tempt Eric.


I’m feeling a bit of Christmas spirit now.


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