spot, the bullie – lockdown 2 day 30

It was another glorious day in paradise today. I took Lainee for a walk on the beach (where I collect sea rope and other little gems) and I swear, if I was on a less visible beach, I would have done a little more skinny dipping.

As it was, I planned to go get a towel and head out again, but then I got home and got caught up cleaning (for the mom visit) and doing odds and ends, doing Christmas stuff and, before I knew it, it was time to go get mom!

I did wrap up a few projects, like this bullie (bull terrier) to photograph. He needed his bone which I’d only just sealed today, so now he’s finished.

I’m a bit fond of this guy. He’s made the same way as usual with a cardboard, wire and foil armature, then finished with paper mache clay and vintage fabric. His bone is made of air dry clay.

I’m getting quite a collection of dogs on my bookcase. Here is a view of the finished dogs, awaiting their day in the spotlight.

I might do another patched dog I think. Its looking a bit too white at the moment. Different tastes, right?

Then again, I have a ton of sea rope just waiting to be woven into baskets. So many projects, so little time.


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