bonus – christmasses past

Ok. I don’t need reminding, I’m doing it now before I forget.

Here are some old Christmas cards I made for myself and my various personas online. I lost so much stuff in the hard drive crash a few years ago but luckily I had a few hard copies of some… Unfortunately a few seem to be lost forever…

So I’ll start with the printed ones I found.

In more or less order…

Our first printed card when Pagan was a puppy.
Pagan grown up now, still living in Melbourne.
My first Christmas in Tasmania, memorable cause I had a broken ankle.
The year Montana was born.
Pagan and Montana.
Montana growing up.
Billybear, Bonnard and Montana… plus a small tasmanian devil in the trees.

After those I pretty much went to just sending e-cards. So much quicker, cheaper and easier.

In no particular order:

At the farm, after we lost Billy and still had only 2 horses: Wally and Ben.
I love using vintage images to create my own cards.
I always had Christmas banners for my FB page and for my website but sometimes I sent cards through Messenger as well to my regular customers.
For my radio show FB page.
I think I made this when I still lived in my first house in Tasmania, when I had Bonnard.
A card made from a photo of my lazy Christmas tree that year: a stack of vintage books and old pearls.
What can I say? Some vintage ads are just perfect as they are!
Ditto with this one. Hilarious.
A Christmas ad for my grooming business.

I really have such fun doing these! I would do more of it if I could stand sitting in an office chair for more hours than I already do!


5 thoughts on “bonus – christmasses past

    • Thats where being able to groom them yourself comes in handy! I doubt I’d have been able to afford them either if I had to pay for it. Anyway, grooming them is part of the joy of owning them for me. I miss them so much. One day I’ll have another if I can. I just need a bigger house, though I’d happily live in a one bedroom place with one if I had one. I would prefer to have a yard at least.


  1. I tried grooming the small poodles but never got very good at it. Either I am too hyper or they are, Ha! But then prices were not as high as now. I pay $50 now for Paisley and was told that a standard was $100 up.

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