ok, more christmas – lockdown 2 day 32

Like my new Christmas banner? And the new blog colours for the season?

I was in a creative mood (computer creative) so I sat down and made myself some new banners for FB and for the blog, as well as some online Christmas cards for myself and for 2 uncles and their dogs. Those I messaged to them to share with their friends, but hey, I made them so I’ll give you guys a preview!

This is mine:

I used to make Christmas cards every year. Remind me to share as many of the old ones as I can find in a post… (I lost a lot of stuff when my external drive crashed a few years ago).

These are the ones for my uncles using pics of their dogs:

Meanwhile, I finished the Christmas platter/decoration I started when I bought a candy cane and a candle holder. Simple and cheap. I had the string, the platter and the vanilla scented candle, bought the tiny tree, and picked up some small pine cones on my walk. I sprinkled them with some glittery sandy stuff I had and voila. Done.

When (if) I ever clean off my kitchen table, this will sit there. Till then its on the tiny coffee table. Eh. A little Christmas cheer.


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