my drying rack – lockdown 2 day 36

Eric has begun to leave little hairs on me when he’s on my lap.

The reason I never wanted a cat.

But its a trade off I guess. I have the cuddles, the cuteness, the purring… vs the hair! (oh and lets not forget the kitty litter!)

I better get back to brush training. Sigh.

Meanwhile what have I been doing? Not that much. Yesterday I had family related things to do in the early afternoon, so when I got home I started work on some more clay things. They’re all on my ‘drying rack’ (the shelf in front of and above the tv, under the air conditioner).

I saw this on FB this morning and I think it sums up my house:

I love it. In fact, I want this.

I need a studio. I’d like to be able to work with ‘real’ clay, not just the air dry stuff. That needs space and makes a mess.

(Everything I do makes a mess.)

I’d like to be able to redo furniture and make things…

I began dreaming of how/where I can find myself a workshop for cheap and went off on all kinds of tangents: a container fitted out as a workshop, a caravan gutted and used as a workshop…

My options are rather limited. Renting will cost more money than I have to spend unless I can find a garage or something cheap. Real cheap. Huh. A challenge on an island. I have land, but no power or other amenities to it, and to build is not only expensive, it also needs permits and the costs just escalate from there. So, back to something temporary like a container or caravan unless I can find a cheap rental space. If I’m not renting those are the only options since kit shed/home/office buildings are not allowed on the islands.

Something temporary still needs a site with access to power. I know I could use a generator, but generators are expensive to run and I hate the noise and the stench of fuel.

What do I do?

Not having the space to work is getting me down.

Last night I tossed and turned for quite a while, thoughts of how and where running through my head, ideas on what I could do with a container or a caravan, what I would need, what I could work on, how I’d gut a caravan, how to fit out a container, what type of clay I could get, what I could make, how to organise firing of my stuff, what kind of pottery I’d like to make, what kind of glazes I’d use…

I do love sculpture it turns out, so I’d enjoy doing more of it. But what happened to painting?

It just got too complicated. In the end I think I fell asleep cause I was too exhausted thinking.


1 thought on “my drying rack – lockdown 2 day 36

  1. I hope you can figure out how to realize your dream of having a studio. I’m lucky to have a larger house where we use the master bedroom for my creative space. Luckily, I don’t make too much of a mess…not like working with clay, but working with paper, and Katie works with fabric. We are bursting at the seams as it is! But, we get along. So far.

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