cheating – lockdown 2 days 37 & 38

Yep. I’m cheating. I’m combining 2 days in one post. Why? Well, cause I missed posting for a day and really, I didn’t feel like posting. I didn’t even log in till now. Sometimes you need time off the computer.

I had a couple of busy days in terms of life in general, yet lazy days when it came to doing creative stuff and blogging.

I did do a few things cause even when I’m couch potato-ing I still do some things. For one I got Christmas lights and put them up. Outside. I bought them – I still haven’t found my old indoor lights. I obviously put them in a real safe place!

I also bought 2 new short battery operated light strands and put one in the window and one in the coffee table display.

I made a new bed for Lainee. I’d made her one out of a fluffy sweater last year*, which she loved, but I thought it was time to upgrade. I found that the best (and cheapest) way to make dog beds is to buy cheap throws and recylcing old pillow stuffing. It might be yuck for us, but for the dog its a bonus if it smells like us! And buying the fabric costs way more than the cheap throws. Go figure.

I bought the grey throw as it suits my bedroom. As you can see, Lainee enjoys her own space while sleeping on my bed.

*I recycled Lainee’s old dog bed as a bed for stray cats. They appreciate it even if its a bit ‘doggy’ smelling.

I’ve begun sorting Christmas gifts for family and friends. Small things I’ve made basically. I like to give gifts, mostly home made, cause they cheer people up. And it cheers me up even more!

I’ve done a little more work on the latest clay projects but they aren’t nearly finished yet. Worked on a new dog. Also not finished yet…

Other than that it seems like I’m always washing dishes… what is it with that? And putting the new vacuum cleaner to work… and picking up Eric’s toys…

Ain’t life exciting?

I’ll be back in form and feeling like posting again tomorrow. I hope.


1 thought on “cheating – lockdown 2 days 37 & 38

  1. Your posts have been coming with some regularity, so I missed you not posting. I get your post early in the morning when I haven’t been sleeping. Your dog bed looks nice, and I’m sure Lainee will enjoy it! You ARE multitalented!

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