another day – lockdown 2 day 40

This morning Eric joined Lainee and I on our morning walk: the short walk up the hill Lately Eric has been going out on the porch the minute I open the door (he loves it out there) and hangs around with the other cats till we get back. This morning he followed us all the way up and back. At least he knows the way home from there now I guess.

When we got back Cheeky was sitting on the window sill looking pretty.

Today I started a new dog and, as you can see, I have myself a new assistant.

I wonder what will happen when he’s twice the size and wants to sit in my lap or on my chest while I work…

I’ve decided to go a different way with Lainee’s issues for now by putting her on medication for her heart for 2 weeks to start with and see how that goes, then putting her on meds for her growths as well. Vet 2 said that a medication meant for drying milk has been shown to reduce the size of mammary lumps so we’ll try that. We’ll treat her and monitor the situation and hopefully her heart will be better and her lumps will be smaller and easier to remove when the time comes.

Other than that, not much to post about today. And I’m tired…. Its still early but I’ve had it. I’m going to bed!


2 thoughts on “another day – lockdown 2 day 40

  1. When the cats started getting in our way, we decided to put a box or basket on the corner of the table. Ours have taken to that, and they’ve learned what it means to “Get in your basket!”. But, they still need to be reminded. That’s a way they can be with us but not in our way. Try that, and see what happens. Maybe Eric will choose the basket over you!

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