life gets in the way – day 41 & 42

I’ve had a busy few days and its not over yet. This week I begin painting some furniture for my cousin so that means I’ll spend mornings over at her house working. That will cut into my ‘at home’ productive time, but thats ok. I’ll still be doing something creative.

Plus it’ll give me a chance to see what I’ve left up at my uncle’s house in terms of wood scraps and see what I can make of them…

I’m still trying to sort out some kind of work space somewhere…

Meanwhile Lainee had a playdate with Morty yesterday and Eric discovered the washing machine…

I read an article yesterday which has got me thinking the big questions again, so beware… another big question post is coming soon.

I’ve got two more dog sculptures on the way and one almost finished. I made myself a new batch of paper pulp clay that didn’t turn out as good as the first but I think I fixed it.

I also received the new clay I bought so I can get on with things again.

There is talk that lockdown will be lifted on January 7 for a week, then back to lockdown. To be honest I’m not really sure and not even sure I see the point of it.

However, I’ve been trying to evict my aunt 1’s tenant for months now and can’t do it due to lockdown. I want it over with. The guy has been living in that house for 30 years and paying the same rent the entire time. When my aunt increased it for a few months years ago, the economic crisis struck and he talked her back down to the original rent. He also got my poor aunt to sign a new contract for 10 years at the same rent!!!!

My aunt always had to chase him for the rent and his share of fuel costs, which he apparently always paid eventually, but never on time. He made demands of her and mom but never let anyone in to fix the flat when there was a leak or something so the house has not been maintained since he moved in. He never opens a window, only one window of the 4 gets opened at all, and even then, only a crack. How do people live like that?

The law is on my side. We have a court order to evict him but of course with lockdown no one is enforcing it. Soon as lockdown is over he is out on his ear. He’s had plenty of warning but uses COVID as the excuse for why he can’t move out. At this point he again owes us 6 months rent and is using fuel to heat the place that mom paid for and isn’t paying for it. So he’s costing us every day he’s in there.

I have half a mind to shut off the fuel to his flat.

I want the place for mom. She needs it. She’s 89 next month and with her dizzy spells and mini strokes I do not want her going up and down flights of stairs to her house. I want her on the ground floor. So the tenant from hell MUST GO.

Sigh. I’m not the kind of person who puts people on the street, but he looks like he’s making no effort at all to move out and it will force me to do it. I was always prepared to fight this with him in court, but the court has decided in our favour. Now I just have to enforce it. As it is, mom wont be able to move in for ages since the house is probably a mould-fest right now and everything will need knocking down and rebuilding and replacing. Sheesh.

It will be a huge and expensive job to fix that place…

Anyone have any friends with violin cases who can make him an offer he can’t refuse?

I really hope he leaves voluntarily.


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