making dogs – lockdown 2 day 44

I’m still creating, between doing things like seeing mom and family, cooking and preparing for Christmas. On Paros this year with the family instead of in Athens.

To be honest I prefer being here.

I bet Eric prefers me being here too. Next year if I have to go to Athens for Christmas I’m sure he’ll be ok with my neighbours caring for him, but this year he’s too young to leave outside even with a warm kennel to sleep in with his best friend Selina.

I took Selina to the vet again yesterday. Her respiratory infection is better but hasn’t cleared up so we gave her another round of antibiotics. If this doesn’t clear it up its basically become chronic and she will have to live with it her entire life. I’m hoping this will do the trick and I can get her vaccinated and spayed.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on my dog sculptures. Here are some previews. None of these are finished yet as I work on each one a little at a time then let it dry. I’ll start another before I finish any of these so I can keep working on things. Plus I’m still working on that fish…

You can see where I’ve gone over the first coat of rough DIY papier mache pulp with air dry clay to mould features and details and smooth the surface in preparation for whatever finish I decide to give each dog.

I should have something finished to share in the next few days although with Christmas and family obligations, who knows…


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