now panic – lockdown 2 day 45 & 46

Its the day before the day before Christmas.

And I planned to do tons today.

I was going to bake shortbread cookies, work on my sculptures and make a little bag for my mom to carry her phone and flashlight in for her Christmas present. But somewhere along the line I got sidetracked and now its panic time.

This morning I cleaned the house and baked cookies and ate lunch then watched a Christmas movie and fell asleep on the couch and worked on my fish sculpture and started a new dog and cooked Lainee’s food and tomorrow I have errands to run for mom in town and Lainee and Rosie and Spitha to wash and dinner to eat with the family and now its 9pm and I haven’t even started the bag!!!!

And I don’t even remember if this is yesterday’s post or today’s… Is it day 45 or day 46 today? I think its day 46 and yesterday was day 45… I think I’m one day behind cause most days I leave it too late to post so I post the next morning and sometimes morning turns into afternoon and right now its night…

So… in the spirit of posting about every day during lockdown, yesterday I pretty much did the same thing, except I worked on the fish and dogs and made chicken and corn chowder and invited my cousin over for dinner. And I didn’t clean the house. I’m not crazy enough to do that every day. So maybe not exactly the same…

Lainee is not impressed with this ‘ignore Lainee streak cause I’m too busy’ streak I’m going through.

Eric is way more pushy. He’ll jump onto my lap as often as he likes and will sit in my chair if I get off it for a second.

Here is a preview of the newest dog…


I got stuff to do. I can’t sit here blogging all night!


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